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    Subject: Book Launch: Revolution in the Air, 4/11, 7:30 pm

    NYC Area: Hold the date^ Thursday, April 11, 7:30 pm, Brecht Forum, 122 W.
    27th St., 10th fl.

    Max Elbaum will launch his new book from Verso,

    Revolution in the Air

    --about the late 1960s party-building movement inspired by China, Vietnam
    and Cuba, that spawned revolutionary cadre groups across the U.S. in the

    "Max Elbaum has given us an incisive and critical history of the Other New
    Left - the radicals who brought class struggle and Third World liberation to
    the forefront, looked to the world for allies, and tried their best to work
    through the dynamics of race *and* class. If you still believe sixties
    radicalism was nothing more than youthful middle-class confusion or
    parochial identity politics, then open these pages and dig."
     -Robin D.G. Kelley, author of Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination

    Max^s book is a comprehensive and analytical study of a largely ignored
    chapter of left history, in which working class organizing, anti-racism and
    militant internationalism were embraced in a common vision and cause. He
    critiques the movement itself for the mistakes that led to its own
    destruction, as well as the narrow attacks it receives from radicals in
    retreat--Todd Gitlin, etc.

    This event will be an eye-opener for younger activists and anyone interested
    in left and labor history.

    For more information call the Brecht at 212/242-4201.

    Max, an activist since the 1960s and a leader of the late ^new communist^
    group Line of March, will also speak at the History Department at Rutgers U.
    at 3:30 in the afternoon on April 12. He will take part in a panel at the
    Socialist Scholars Conference on April 14, speaking on ^Hard Questions for
    the Peace Movement^ with Barbara Epstein, Barbara Garson and Adolph Reed.
    Max currently works with the new antiwar paper War Times.

    For more info, contact me at ethanyoung@earthlink.net

    Ethan Young

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