[sixties-l] Johnny Lerners stories

From: RozNews@AOL.COM
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 08:28:28 EST

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    Jama writes

    << On the other hand, as a historian, I don't find his story
    particularly interesting, or revealing, at all. >>

    Ron writes <<Mr Learner never truly understood the nature of imperialism>>

    Both Jama and Ron are my friends as is Jonathan Lerner. I loved hanging out
    with Johnny when we were in Cuba on the 2nd Venceremos Brigade 1970 and
    later in Vermont during the commune/weather days.

    I found that Johnny told two stories that were wonderful and he does
    understand the nature of imperialism . Both stories would have been an
    excellent addition to Rons book. The story how he threw away the votes as
    he was counting votes for the SDS election and gave the election to Weather
    and the story how he moved from place to place to meet up with Weather.
    There are many more stories that need to be told. It's the stories that make
    history interesting. my best Roz Payne

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