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    From: Scott B Smith Jr <scottbsmithjr@yahoo.com>
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    Subject: [SNCC] Black Panther Logo

    In Lowndes County were I worked with Stokeley the
    Lowndes Co Freedom Org was presented with two logo's
    one of a raised clench fist and a black cat (panther)
    for thos e voters who could not read or write a symbol
    of the org that would be placed on the ballot for the
    coming election those on the sncc staff Bob Mants,
    Judy, myself(ScottB) Jimmy Rogers and Stokeley all
    agreed that the Black cat would be best.The Back Cat
    had superstitious powers within the black&white
    communities and as Stokeley put it during a Mass
    meeting that a Black cat could always beat a white
    rooster(symbol of the ALA DEMOCRATIC party)The people
    in Lowndes Co all agreed and decided to use the
    logo.It was the press who changed the reference from
    cat to panther mainly because of the size and
    attacking position of the cat. This logo was taken to
    the bay area by Mark Comfort of ODAC in Oakland after
    the battle of Fort Deposit where we went in to that
    community armed when we received a valid report of a
    KKK attack on the black people that had voted.That's
    where the statement came from about self defense from.
    When Mark & Terry Cannon told the story about what
    happened that night in Oakland Huey and Bobby were
    present and started their own org. We used that logo
    all across the black belt counties that we worked in
    and the people responded like Panthers attacking the
    political structure like never before. Very proud of
    the fact that I WAS THERE at the historical perod of
    time and the people there in Lowndes Co are a proud
    strong community that I'll never forget working
    with.They caused the change in Ala that still exists
    today.This symbol was used in Oakland for the org
    known as the Black Panthers and across the U.S.

    Scott B. Sncc staff Lowndes Co Ala.

    P.S. Bob Mants is still working there and I have a
    respect for him that hasn't changed.

    From: Arropoint@aol.com
    Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002
    Subject: Re: [SNCC] Black Panther Logo
    To: <sncc@honors.olemiss.edu>

    Dear Friends,

    The story that Scott B. Smith Jr. just related to you on the Black Panther
    logo was told to me exactly that way in the fall of 1965 when I arrived in

    By 1966, after the election of Stokely to SNCC's chairmanship, and the
    press' attention to the various County Freedom Organization during that
    summer, despite his and SNCC's best attempts to the contrary, the press
    insisted on referring to those organizations as "Black Panther party(ies)."

    Following from that--in late 1966 and early 1967--quite a number of many
    black liberation organizations, in various cities, started calling
    themselves "Black Panther parties" as well--briefly. For example, slightly
    before the Black Panther Party for Self Defense
    was created by Bobby Seal, Huey Newton, and others, there was a "Black
    Panther Party of Northern California" and a "Black Panther Party of
    Southern California" from what I heard when I arrived out here. They did
    not last long after the "BPP for SD" rose into local and national prominence.

    On another note, the most powerful use of the symbol, I thought, were the
    bumper stickers printed in the same period that depicted a springing black
    panther jumping
    (toward the viewer, as it were) through a burnt hole in a Confederate flag.
    Yes! That said it all.


    Michael Oshoosi
    (Michael Wright)

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