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    For Immediate Release
    March 10, 2002


    Washington, DC - As Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, once known as H. Rap Brown,
    enters the sentencing phase of his trial there is growing concern that
    publicity that labeled

    Al-Amin as guilty prior to his trail might result in the imposition of the
    death sentence.

    In a statement appearing in the Monday, March 11 edition of the Atlanta
    Journal-Constitution, a national group of over 200 clergy, civil rights and
    labor activists, friends and former associates expressed their concern:
    "There has been blind rush to judgment on the part of the Police Chief and
    prosecuting attorney. Even before the trial, they publicly declared
    Al-Amin to be the murderer and demanded the death penalty", the statement
    The statement was originally written out of concern for fairness during the
    first phase of Al-Amin's trial. "This issue doesn't go away because the
    first phase of his trial is over," said the Washington, DC group that
    organized the ad. "If anything, it's more important."

    Many well-known activists -- theologians, Bernice Powell Jackson, Douglas
    Moore, Edwin R. Edmonds and C.T. Vivian; Attorneys Howard and Jane Moore,
    and Victor Rabinowitz; Writers, Amiri Baraka, Sonya Sanchez, John Edgar
    Wideman, and Howard Zinn; Performer, Pete Seeger are among the signers of
    this current statement. Former SNCC activists Julian Bond, who is also a
    former Georgia State Legislator and current chairman of the Board of the
    national NAACP, and Robert Moses, current head of the National Algebra
    Project are also signers.

    It was also signed by former SNCC Chairpersons, Marion Barry, former Mayor
    of Washington D.C., Charles F. McDew, a St. Paul Minnesota educator and
    Phil Hutchings, an Oakland California community organizer. Jim Forman, who
    served as SNCC's Executive Secretary for more than five years and who
    continues to organize and author books in the DC area also signed.

    "The allegations against Al-Amin are completely at odds with the character
    of the man that we have known as a civil rights leader (and)...of the man
    we know today as a religious leader in the Muslim community."

    During the trial others also expressed concern that prejudice might affect
    the case against Al-Amin. "For justice to be served, there must be no rush
    to judgment," said Corretta Scott King, widow of the late civil rights
    leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr two weeks ago. "All care must be taken to
    ensure that justice prevails for the victims, the defendant and the

    Many of the signers worked with Al-Amin and his brother, Ed Brown, when
    they were active in the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, (SNCC).
    They know Al-Amin as a dedicated civil rights worker who participated in
    sit-ins, voter registration campaigns, and community organizing efforts in
    the most dangerous areas of the South.
    Contributions from friends and activist colleagues around the country were
    used to pay the costs of the ad. A website has been established to keep
    abreast of the Developments in the ongoing judicial prosecution of Jamil
    Al-Amin. The address is:


    For more information, contact:
    Charlie Cobb
                    202) 832-9411

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