[sixties-l] Re: The New Left Re-Examined (d'oh!)

From: John C Mcmillian (mcmill@fas.harvard.edu)
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 21:41:51 EST

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    On Mon, 11 Mar 2002, John C Mcmillian wrote:

    > Hi,
    > Along with Paul Buhle, I've co-edited a book called "The New Left
    > Re-Examined," which (fingers crossed) is coming out next fall from Temple
    > University Press. Briefly, this is a collection of revisionist
    > essays on the New Left, written by scholars who are too young to have had
    > any first-hand experience with the movement. They come from a variety of
    > perspectives, but most of them dissent, in some fashion, from the current
    > orthodoxy of historical writing on the New Left. The Table of Contents is
    > listed below.
    > Anyhow, I'm writing this listserve because Temple wants the names and
    > addresses of of professors who teach courses on the Sixites, or on American
    > Radicalism, who might be interested in assigning such a book - presumably to
    > send them examination copies. So if anyone fits this description, please feel
    > free to send me a private email and I'll put you on the list!
    > Many thanks,
    > John
    > THE NEW LEFT RE-EXAMINED (Temple University Press, Fall 2002).
    > John McMillian, "You Didn't Have to Be There: Re-Examining
    > the New Left Consensus"
    > Robbie Lieberman and David Cochran, "It Seemed A Very Local Affair: The
    > 1960s Student Movement at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale"
    > Kevin Mattson, "Between Despair and Hope: Re-Visting STUDIES ON THE LEFT"
    > Gregg Michel, "Building the New South: The Southern Student Organizing
    > Committee"
    > Peter Levy, "The Black Freedom Struggle and White Resistance: A Case Study
    > of the Civil Rights Movement in Cambridge, Maryland"
    > Jennifer Frost," Organizing from the Bottom Up: Lillian Craig, Dovie
    > Thurman, and the New Left in the 1960s"
    > David McBride, "Death City Radicals: The Counterculture in the New Left in
    > 1960s Los Angeles"
    > Andrew Hunt, "How New Was the New Left? Re-Thinking New Left
    > Exceptionalism"
    > Francesca Polletta, "Strategy and Democracy in the New Left"
    > Michael S. Foley, "The 'Point of Ultimate Indignity' or a 'Beloved
    > Community'?: The Draft Resistance Movement and New Left Gender Dynamics"
    > Ian Lekus, "Losing Our Kids: Queer Perspectives on the Chicago Seven
    > Conspiracy Trial"
    Jeremy Varon, "Between Revolution 9 and Thesis Eleven: or, Will We Learn
    (Again) to Start Worrying and Change the World?"

    > Doug Rossinow, "Letting Go: Re-Visiting the New Left's Demise"
    > Paul Buhle, "How Sweet It Wasn't: The Scholars and the CIA.

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