[sixties-l] The New Left Re-Examined

From: John C Mcmillian (mcmill@fas.harvard.edu)
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 21:28:19 EST

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    Along with Paul Buhle, I've co-edited a book called "The New Left
    Re-Examined," which (fingers crossed) is coming out next fall from Temple
    University Press. Briefly, this is a collection of revisionist
    essays on the New Left, written by scholars who are too young to have had
    any first-hand experience with the movement. They come from a variety of
    perspectives, but most of them dissent, in some fashion, from the current
    orthodoxy of historical writing on the New Left. The Table of Contents is
    listed below.

    Anyhow, I'm writing this listserve because Temple wants the names and
    addresses of of professors who teach courses on the Sixites, or on American
    Radicalism, who might be interested in assigning such a book - presumably to
    send them examination copies. So if anyone fits this description, please feel
    free to send me a private email and I'll put you on the list!

    Many thanks,


    THE NEW LEFT RE-EXAMINED (Temple University Press, Fall 2002).

    John McMillian, "You Didn't Have to Be There: Re-Examining
    the New Left Consensus"

    Robbie Lieberman and David Cochran, "It Seemed A Very Local Affair: The
    1960s Student Movement at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale"

    Kevin Mattson, "Between Despair and Hope: Re-Visting STUDIES ON THE LEFT"

    Gregg Michel, "Building the New South: The Southern Student Organizing

    Peter Levy, "The Black Freedom Struggle and White Resistance: A Case Study
    of the Civil Rights Movement in Cambridge, Maryland"

    Jennifer Frost," Organizing from the Bottom Up: Lillian Craig, Dovie
    Thurman, and the New Left in the 1960s"

    David McBride, "Death City Radicals: The Counterculture in the New Left in
    1960s Los Angeles"

    Andrew Hunt, "How New Was the New Left? Re-Thinking New Left

    Francesca Polletta, "Strategy and Democracy in the New Left"

    Michael S. Foley, "The 'Point of Ultimate Indignity' or a 'Beloved
    Community'?: The Draft Resistance Movement and New Left Gender Dynamics"

    Ian Lekus, "Losing Our Kids: Queer Perspectives on the Chicago Seven
    Conspiracy Trial"

    Doug Rossinow, "Letting Go: Re-Visiting the New Left's Demise"

    Paul Buhle, "How Sweet It Wasn't: The Scholars and the CIA.

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