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Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 22:31:44 EST

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    > Nice story with interesting points--but the question remains, how can one
    > have supposedly understood that the US government is an imperialist
    > government and now support its wars. The only conclusion I can draw is
    > that Mr. Lerner never truly understood the nature of imperialism and how
    > the US is an imperialist country. Too bad. -ron jacobs

    I think it's called "changing your mind." Mr. Lerner no longer accepts the
    same view of the "nature of imperialism" as do you. If so, it follows that
    he may not view the USA as an imperialist country. I am not sure how that is
    "too bad", seeing as how we all change our ideas from time to time as we
    grow, age and encounter a wider view of the world. I should clarify that.
    SOME people do this. Others prefer to remain where they were thirty to forty
    years ago, using outdated vocabulary and outmoded ideas. It keeps things
    lively though...and hey, to each his/her/its own. :-)

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