[sixties-l] Lying by Deconcontextualizing-- LBJ's Tape on C-SPAN

From: nagy (nagy@gwu.edu)
Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 17:31:10 EST

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    I guess we need a "Radio Free America" to help undo the lies of the government
    and it's "running lacky dogs" (to use the salubrious phrase from the 60s .

      A current outrage is the sanitized, no-context, tapes of the old liar and
    war monger, and election thief, Lyndon Johnson played on Saturday on C-SPAN

       Today in tapes played on C-SPAN, the war criminal is talking up efficency
    at DOD -- no mention that the huge budget for DOD resulted from Lyndon's full
    scale war against the people of Viet Nam.

       Let's contest the lies of ommission of C-SPAN and its effort to legitimate
    the earlier war criminal-president from Texas.


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