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Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 17:54:06 EST

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    Even full-fledged war against the "Axis of evil" does not guarantee
    fascism in the U.S. Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus, introduced
    the draft for the first time in this country, and engaged in a most
    bloody suppression of the draft riots in New York. Did he bring fascism?
        McCarthyism flourished because of the Korean War, 1950-53. Just
    before it began, we had beaten back any chance of real fascism by
    physically defeating the fascists who mobbed the Robeson Concert at
    Peekskill. No similar attempt by citizens to destroy the civil liberties
    of other citizens subsequently occurred on any such scale. I exclude
    lynch "justice" against Blacks, because terrorism arising out of a
    previous condition of slavery is a unique American institution, to which
    no worldwide term such as fascism applies. Incidentally, that period saw
    a very sharp decline in mob action against AFrican-Americans, which
    never revived. The cops took over. The definition for that is a police
    state, not nice, but not fascism. Once again, a discussion such as this
    would not only not be permitted under fascism, but you and I would at
    the very least be put behind bars.
       Without mass citizen support, you don't have fascism. You can have a
    police state, a military dictatorship, absolute monarchy and a variety
    of other suppressive kinds of government, but not fascism.
                                                                    Bill Mandel wrote:
    > Fascism is not an absolute, the notion that a social system is either fascist
    > or not fascist misses the point. In America it is a question of our political
    > system being more or less fascist at any given point. Although America has at
    > times moved very far to the right, democratic and constitutional elements
    > have always survived, though in restricted forms. The Bush era is obviously
    > one of lots of fascism and little democracy. First there is the way his gang
    > stole the election in Florida, boldly, in plain sight and over the backs of
    > Blacks and Jews and now it is the lawless and extraconstitutional and racist
    > way they rule over Moslem and Arab prisoners in Guantanamo and here -- and
    > the whole authoritarian/Christian permanent war climate that they are
    > manufacturing to control dissent. Is this full fledged fascism? No. Are we as
    > a nation more fascistic than say in the Clinton era? Certainly. If Bush
    > pushes his "axis of evil" into full fledged war will we go over the edge?
    > What do you think?
    > Stew
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