[sixties-l] Re: yet more on movement history

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Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 15:12:52 EST

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    Laura Crossett's points are superb, and I am reminded of my own quandaries
    during the late 1960s--how to avoid what seemed the inefficacies of simple
    moral witness and of socialist groups' prose, to avoid real violence (by
    "real" I mean, more than window-smashing and the like--which, whether wrong,
    counterproductive, etc., on a given occasion, still are far from the violence
    of war or of the owners' System), and so on, yet work for change. One of the
    most effective methods has seemed, since, certain forms of what might be
    called real-world agitprop--for instance, in the Berkeley area, the "napalm
    escort truck" with "Napalm Bombs Ahead" signs and little red
    fire-extinguishers that a few people would drive behind the napalm trucks on
    the freeways. Another example was overnight billboard emplacement/switching.
    There were some collage-type posters some of us put up. What these things
    have in common is the humor of satire and activeness; they both empower the
    activist and encourage, in an amusing thus palatable way, the audience. (I
    don't want to get into the parallels but one can think of this stuff as
      Then there was the stuff that followed the old organizing rule--don't
    teach, just ask people, one-on-one or so, about their lives and what's wrong.
       Yet I found moral witness demonstrations more important, eventually--and
    the other modes of change. Thank you, Laura, for bringing these things up.

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