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    Subject: Original Stonewall Protester and Pioneer in Transgendered Rights

    Original Stonewall Protester and Pioneer in Transgendered Rights Dies


    by Beth Shapiro
    365Gay.com Newscenter, in New York

    (February 21, New York) Sylvia Rivera, a pioneer of the gay liberation
    movement and one of the original protesters who stood up to police at the
    Stonewall bar in June 1969 has died in New York.
    Rivera, a noted transgender activist, left an enduring footprint on the
    gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender movement and for decades played a
    key role in moving the cause forward, said Elizabeth Birch, executive
    director of the Human Rights Campaign.
    "We are deeply saddened by the passing of Sylvia Rivera, a brave pioneer
    who helped pave the way for future generations of GLBT Americans," said Birch.
    "At HRC we are thankful for the indelible mark she left behind and the
    historic role that she played in our movement's history. We are proud to
    honour her enduring legacy."
    Rivera, 50, died yesterday at St. Vincent's Manhattan Hospital from liver
    A resident of Brooklyn, Rivera worked at the Metropolitan Community Church
    where she was coordinator of the food pantry. Her partner, Julia Murray,
    who was with her yesterday at her death, survives her.
    According to the book "Stonewall" by author Martin Duberman, Rivera played
    a pivotal role in the confrontation at the Stonewall bar that is credited
    with kicking off the modern GLBT movement.
    "I'm not missing a minute of this - it's the revolution!" Rivera shouted to
    her partner, according to the book "Stonewall", on the morning of June 28,
    1969, the day Stonewall Inn patrons fended off police in a raid of the bar.
    "I am truly saddened by Sylvia's death," said Yoseio Lewis, Board Chair of
    NTAC (the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition).
    Lewis described Rivera as one who "provided unending inspiration and
    motivation to countless people through her passion and unwillingness to
    settle for anything less than total equality for everyone."

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