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From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 21:11:42 EST

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    I guess my point wasn't clear. I agree with Bill Mandel entirely that nuclear
    annihilation is at the top of the "scaries" list. In fact, that' exactly what
    I meant in citing "scarier than the Cuban Crisis". Tonight's CBS or NBC or
    other bobbsie-twin broadcast news showed Bushie in SKorea, guards by a
    dead-end railroad track ("a monument to dreams betrayed"[by NKorea, we are
    supposed to feel]) and a vignette that today a NK guard defected to SK. We
    are being set up for what? How do we "do" NKorea (it ain't Afghanistan--got
    real weapons)? troops? bombs? whatkinda bombs? How is China, e.g., supposed
    to react to that? . . . Well, and then what happens? Are we 1933 going on
    1940 or what? And I still worry about the Newsweek or Time article that I
    and several others remember from the 1980s about new fundamentalist Christian
    power-players in Washington, who believed real-time Armageddon necessary, and
    that Perle and, I think, Cheney, were in the article. I tried to locate it
    on UC's online Gale Per. Index equivalent but maybe didn't know how, and
    couldn't; some of you folks are academic researchers, maybe you can find it?
    Meanwhile, back to today's 5-minute-hate, citizens.

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