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Date: Sun Feb 17 2002 - 08:29:49 EST

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    Hi Paula,

    thanks for your reply. I already thought that my claim of a facist takeover goes a bit too far. There should have been a question mark behind it. But i guess you figured out, what was meant. I agree with you, that this is much scarier than the cuba crisis, because during the cuba crisis, there was at least one part (UdSSR) acting reasonably and responsible. Today everything seems to be totally out of control. But a little light is visible, cause the resistance against this stupid talking and policy grows in europe. Even our idiot secretary of state Fischer starts to be contrary to this policy, after he couldn't wait to get part of the unholy alliance against terrorism in September.
    As a german i may be a bit too thin skinned, but I take Bushs choice of words very serious, cause i guess his reasoning is like his talking. We all know that the rise of the Nazis starts with words; words spoken in a specific political and economic situation. So it is always dangerous to allow anybody to publicly de-humanize humans for his political aims. The missing protest against a western politician using Hitlers phraseology is therefor very frightening. I am in contact with american citizens on other lists too and it has been alarming, how they are defending this policy. I guess for reasonable thinking americans it isn't easy at the moment to live in the US. I don't know if the sixties list is the right place to start such a discussion, but i would like the opinions of list members.

    Jochen Rohwer, Germany
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      I did not know the citation from Mein Kampf, but certainly it's scaringly parallel. The wonderful poster has pointed up what I think so many of us are feeling--that Bush seems to be using A.H.'s tactics as a drawing-board. One doesn't have to believe conspiracy theories re the September attack--extreme and violent reaction to violence is of course part of what builds rightwing totalitarianism. And now we're to do Iraq? And then Iran, N. Korea? Then? Tomorrow the w., if we leave any of it?
       As one friend says, this is far scarier than the Cuban Crisis. Even.

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