[sixties-l] Need help on English Underground Press

From: Paul Kutasi (paul_kutasi@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 20:57:49 EST

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    I am a Master's student at the University of Birmingham, and I am doing my
    dissertation on the English Underground Press in the late 60s, more
    specifcally IT, Oz, and/or Friends/Frendz. I haven't exactly narrowed down
    my question, I may look at one publication in particular; with relation to
    the "movement", or by time period (a year or two). But, for now, I will
    keep it open. I am asking for any help on further research and any places
    that I can find primary sources. Any suggestions would be greatly

    I have completed a good deal of research, but I am asking if there are any
    suggestions for books pertinent to the underground press, besides Elizabeth
    Nelson, Nigel Fountain, and Jonathon Green (I have read these). Am I
    missing any?

    Where in England can I get original copies (or microfilm) of IT, Oz or
    Friends/Frendz? I think there are a few at the British Library, and the
    Working Class Movement Library in Manchester.

    The interesting thing about my program is that the dissertation can be a
    regular written one, or a half-hour documentary with a shorter written
    defence (I am doing the documentary). I am trying to seek some
    interviewees, or talking heads for my documentary. I have a few people in
    mind and have sent some requests out. So far, I have got in contact an
    author on the subject and it seems like a confirmation. If you have a
    suggestion, know of anyone or are an expert yourself, I will begin filming
    in May/June. Anyone with relevance to the late sixties British scene that
    were active or had ties to the underground press, or an expert in the field
    would good for an interview. You can get in contact with me through my
    email paul_kutasi@hotmail.com.

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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