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    The International
    Black Panther Film Festival
    (IBPFF) Newsletter

    February 13, 2002
    Volume 2 Issue 1

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    # IBPFF Awards Actor Roger Guenveur Smith
    # Documentary of Panther Film Fest in Progress
           @ Diaspora Studio Has Space/Equipment
    # TEAR DOWN THE WALLS conference in CUBA
    # 35th Anniversary Black Panther Party Reunion & Conference
           @ IN THE NEWS: Blackflix.com Reports on IBPFF
           @ SAVE THE DATE: June 2002: Film Screenings in Connecticut

    IBPFF Awards Actor Roger Guenveur Smith

    At a benefit screening in New York City this past October, the
    International Black Panther Film Festival presented its Courage,
    Vision and Talent award to Roger Guenveur Smith for his portrayal of
    Huey P. Newton in the Spike Lee film "A Huey P. Newton Story."
    "Simply brilliant" is how the Hollywood Reporter describes it. Based
    on Roger Guenveur Smith's award winning play of the same name, the
    film mixes archival footage with Smith's stunning performance to give
    an intimate portrait of the late defense minister and co-founder of
    the Black Panther Party.

    This film airs throughout the U.S. tonight (February 13) on PBS at 9
    p.m. ET. Check local listings for times and details in your area.
    Visit "A Huey P. Newton Story" online at http://www.pbs.org/

    In the February 10 New York Times, Wesleyean University theatre
    professor Ron Jenkins wrote in his article, "From History to Stage to
    TV, Huey P. Newton's Story":

    "The film is Spike Lee's video adaptation of Roger Guenveur Smith's
    Obie award-winning one-man show about Newton, a drug addict with a
    Ph.D., a black activist twice charged with murder and one of the most
    charismatic and controversial figures in the black power movement.

    Based on Newton's speeches, autobiographical writings and tape-
    recorded conversations, Mr. Smith's play was first presented in New
    York by the New York Shakespeare Festival in 1997. Mr. Lee's
    television version, which had its premiere on the Black Starz premium
    cable channel in June, lies halfway between documentary and fiction -
    fitting for a man who repeatedly fictionalized his life story for
    public consumption. And Mr. Lee's rendition further complicates the
    question of genre, inserting newsreel clips of protest marchers and
    Newton's contemporaries - from Martin Luther King and Marlon Brando
    to William F. Buckley and Richard Pryor - into Mr. Smith's
    performance, which was filmed in front of an audience in a synagogue
    on the Lower East Side of Manhattan."


    Documentary of Panther Film Fest in Progress

    Last May, members of the Black Documentary Collective (BDC) filmed
    and interviewed participants and spectators of the 2nd International
    Black Panther Film Festival. Mishka Brown and Bill Mack, of Diaspora
    Studio, are editing the 30 hours of footage shot by four different
    crews. St.Clair Bourne, veteran filmmaker, who is one of the
    directors of the International Black Panther Film Festival, will
    executive produce. The documentary will be finished by June 2002.

    Created in January 2002, The Black Documentary Collective (BDC)
    serves as an advocacy organization for black documentarians working
    in New York. The group provides students and professionals in the
    film and video field opportunities to network, exchange ideas,
    socialize, and generate productions. People of African descent in the
    New York metropolitan area are eligible to join if they are engaged
    in the production or service of documentary film and video. The
    documentary about the International Black Panther Film Festival will
    be the first BDC production. For more information about the BDC,
    contact blkdoccol@aol.com.



    Diaspora Studio Has Space/Equipment

    Diaspora Studio, in an historical Harlem brownstone, provides a suite
    of quality services for the Independent Filmmaker and Production
    Company. Services include digital editing, suites with or without
    editor, camera and equipment rental, DVD and video-CD authoring,
    International transfers and digital encoding. Also have beautiful
    space suitable for receptions, screenings, seminars and readings. For
    more information please visit http://www.aerolith.com or contact
    Mishka Brown at 212.662.9900 or send email to mbrown@aerolith.com.


    TEAR DOWN THE WALLS conference in CUBA

    On March 27, 28, and 29, 2002, Tear Down the Walls, an international
    human rights conference on winning freedom for U.S. Political
    Prisoners and POWs, will take place in Havana, Cuba. Those interested
    in attending the conference need to register and make their travel
    arrangements as soon as possible. The last date for conference
    registration is February 21, 2002. Important conference registration
    information can be found on the following website:


    For additional information contact:
    teardownthewalls@lycos.com or Tear Down The Walls, PO Box 3585,
    Oakland, CA 94609 or call (510) 539-0050.

    Conference participants from around the world will come together to
    learn, strategize and join the fight to win amnesty for the nearly
    100 women and men who are some of the longest-held political
    prisoners in the world. Participants also will analyze the
    sociopolitical context that created political prisoners who have been
    locked-up for decades, the growing mass incarceration rates, and the
    thousands of political detainees being held.


    35th Anniversary Black Panther Party Reunion & Conference

    Originally, planned for this past October but postponed shortly after
    the September 11 attacks, the 35th Anniversary & Reunion Conference
    of the Black Panther Party is now scheduled for April 18-20, 2002 at
    the University of the District of Columbia, 4200 Connecticut Avenue
    NW, in Washington, DC. The theme is Cointelpro & political prisoners.
    Activities include workshops, a banquet, entertainment, a film
    festival, speakers, photo exhibits, art exhibits, and memorabilia for
    sale. The reunion and conference is open to the public. For more
    information or to register, contact It's About Time, the reunion
    organizers, at itsabouttime3@juno.com, visit their website at
    http://www.itsabouttimebpp.com, contact them by mail at PO Box
    221100, Sacramento, California 95822, or telephone them at (916) 455-

    Founded in Oakland, Calif. in 1966, the Black Panther Party (BPP) was
    a revolutionary nationalist political organization founded to protect
    black communities from police brutality and to provide community
    services. The Panthers were mostly young people in their teens and
    20s, clad in black jackets, black berets, rifles and Third World
    socialist ideas. They hosted breakfast programs for children and held
    free health clinics in Black communities. Best known for patrolling
    black communities, they often clashed with police.



    IN THE NEWS: Blackflix.com Reports on IBPFF

    The Spring 2002 print and website issues of blackflix.com's
    newsletter contain an article on the International Black Panther Film
    Festival written by Alice Charmayne. Click either link above to read
    the article.



    SAVE THE DATE: June 2002: Film Screenings in Connecticut

    The International Black Panther Film Festival will screen films June
    28 and 29, 2002 at a mini-festival in New Haven, Connecticut. The
    festival will be sponsored, in part, by the Afro-American Cultural
    Center at Yale University and the International Festival of Arts &
    Ideas' Edge program. For sponsorship opportunities, contact


    Stay tuned for more news to come!

    Group Publisher: Kathleen Cleaver
    Group Editor: Deidra McIntyre

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