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    For Immediate Release

    The Original Greens, Founded 1992

    PO Box 1406, Chicago IL 60690
    Phone: 1-866-GREENS2

    Globalization & Its Discontents

    "I define globalization as the freedom of our corporations to invest where
    and when we want, to produce what we want, to buy and sell where we want, and
    to keep all the restrictions through labor law or other political regulations
    as slight as possible."

           - Percy Barnevik, Vice President of the Foundation Board
             of the World Economic Forum

    The World Economic Forum is the place where the heads of the world^s richest
    corporations and governments meet to carve up the world for their own private

    This is the social arena in which the deals are made to poison the world^s
    air through the trade in pollution allowances, plow the world^s soil with
    genetically engineered crops that no sane person wants, privatize the world^s
    water supply, patent genetic sequences of the world^s plants and animals and
    privatize their reproduction in order to ^own^ their offspring.

    This is the forum in which the billionaires meet partners to set up global
    sweatshops manufacturing sneakers and designer clothes ^ this vast Texas
    chain store massacre ^ and scheme to arm the heavens, irradiate the earth,
    mass-dredge and sonarize the seas killing the whales and dolphins, and ravage
    the earth for oil, diamonds and gold with nary a concern for anything but
    their own profits.

    The World Economic Forum is the meeting place for the men and women who own
    everything and who seem so reasonable individually, but who are destroying
    the planet.

    We Greens refuse to watch silently as the members of the World Economic Forum
    toast their latest ^humanitarian^ gestures: A pittance here, a crumb there,
    while serving up cluster bombs and depleted uranium and tear gas and
    destruction for all who would oppose their control.

    Welcome to the ^grande baille^ of the New World Order ^ declared by George
    Bush, Sr. on September 11th, 1990 ^ a date that will live in infamy for many
    reasons, and not just its most recent visitation.

    We Greens refuse to be silent as these ^pillars of society^ feast on their
    billions and enjoy the finest health care, as people right here in New York
    City are thrown off even the most minimal Medicaid coverage. We refuse to be
    still while they tear up the Bill of Rights, and as their structural
    adjustment programs ravage huge areas of the world, including cities right
    here in the United States, decimating adequate and affordable housing, the
    environment, healthy foods, higher education, meaningful jobs, any semblance
    of free universal health coverage, and all the good things in life.

    The Green Party USA is proud to stand against such institutions as the World
    Economic Forum, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the World
    Trade Organization, the North America Free Trade Alliance (NAFTA), the G-8
    goverments, General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT), TRIPS, and the
    entire retinue and alphabet soup of the New World Order. We were there in
    Seattle, we were there in Quebec, we were there in Sweden, and Davos, and
    Genoa, and before all that we were there in Nigeria, and Los Angeles, and WE

    To their extensive global violence we counterpose our principle of
    nonviolence. To their bombing and destruction we counterpose vast social
    movements to empower ourselves and wrest back control over our own lives. To
    their system of exploitation and profits ber alles we Greens say, ^Another
    World IS Possible^ based on human need, creativity and love, not corporate
    greed. The future will be what we the people struggle to make it.

                                       - January 29, 2002


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