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    Jamie Glazov is the latest proof that virtually every public person who
    was characterized in the West as a "prisoner of Zion" in the USSR was
    little more than a fascist, and in this case that term applies to the
    offspring. Hopefully, an accounting will be written one day about these
    folks, the most notable being Natan Shransky, the head of the right-wing
    racist Russian Jewish immigrant movement in Israel which supports
    Sharon's hard line on the Palestinians.

    I know Sara Jane and have interviewed her twice, and so find this
    article by the wretched creature Glazov impossible to read to the end.
    Unfortunately, she followed the direction of her ego-driven dope lawyer
    Tony Serra, and copped to a guilty plea because Serra didn't think she
    would have a chance at a jury trial following 9/11. When she tried to
    change her plea, the openly biased judge refused.

    At the same time, I was one of those, who with good reason suspected the
    SLA to have been a government set-up at the time, one that dragged in
    well-meaning but largely inexperienced and naive young whites who were
    anxious to atone for centuries of white racism which also was being
    played out at the time in the Vietnam War.

    What convinced me from the beginning was not only Cinque's call for all
    revolutionary groups to get together under his direction, but his
    lengthy police record in LA which indicated that he had been arrested on
    numerous occasions, even once with a bomb, but hadn't done any time. It
    was clearly the record of a police snitch. Some weeks later, an LAPD
    official acknowledged that DeFreeze (Cinque) had, in fact, been an
    informer for the LAPD, but he wasn't anymore. The killing of the black
    superintendent Marcus Foster was another tip-off, for the "crime" of
    wanting Oakland students to have IDs! That was a move really designed to
    win over the people.

    Then, what could be more conspicuous than bringing a bunch of white
    folks into the ghetto of LA, in the same area when DeFreeze had been the
    snitch. Very strange. There's more, but that's enough for now.

    But right now, Sara Jane has been scapegoated, and though I don't know
    the others who are being retried, I suspect the days of witchhunts are
    again upon us.

    Jeff Blankfort .
    > "Sara Jane Olson's" Pathetic Tears
    > | January 24, 2002
    > By: Jamie Glazov
    > SARA JANE OLSON, the former Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) terrorist, has
    > just been sentenced to 20 years to life in prison. She had pleaded guilty
    > to 26-year-old charges of conspiring to plant bombs under two Los Angeles
    > police cars. She was also arraigned on separate murder charges related to a
    > California bank robbery in 1975.
    > The best part of this drama for me personally was the picture in the
    > newspaper that showed Olson bawling her eyes out after her sentencing.
    > I don't think I have grinned with such ecstatic glee for a long time. To be
    > sure, Olson's laughable agony brought particular joy and warmth to my heart.
    > I just hope that her suffering in incarceration will be particularly acute.
    > I still can't figure it out: am I supposed to feel sorry for this
    > 55-year-old stupid bitch?
    > First of all, her name isn't even Sara Jane Olson. It's Kathleen Soliah.
    > But Soliah, you see, has been living in a little Wizard-of-Oz fantasy world
    > for the last 26 years.
    > Soliah changed her name to "Sara Jane Olson" in the mid-1970s because she
    > had to hide from who she really was -- and what she really did. She
    > remained a fugitive for some 24 years.
    > And then, on June 16, 1999, Soliah's fairy-tale world came to an abrupt and
    > sudden end. She was arrested near her home in the Highland Park
    > Neighborhood of St. Paul, Minnesota.
    > Finally, the deranged psychopath who, in 1974, placed pipe bombs beneath
    > two randomly selected Los Angeles police cars, was in custody. The deadly
    > explosives she planted would have killed the occupants of the vehicles, and
    > any man, woman, or child walking by, had they not failed to detonate.
    > Soliah engaged in this terrorism because she wanted a revolution. In her
    > outlook, the police represented the fascist oligarchy's military machine.
    > And any Leftist can explain to you why police officers must be the first to
    > go if the utopian revolution is to be achieved.
    > Soliah's Leninist odyssey began in the early 1970s, when she joined the
    > SLA, which was led by ex-convict Donald DeFreeze. The defining slogan of
    > this terrorist gang was: "Death to the fascist insect that preys on the
    > life of the people." On November 6, 1973, three SLA "soldiers" gunned down
    > one of the "fascist insects" -- Dr. Marcus Foster, the first
    > African-American superintendent of schools in Oakland, in a parking lot
    > behind the Oakland School District office.
    > Foster had to be killed because, as the official SLA death warrant
    > explained, he had been found "guilty" by a "Court of the People." His
    > crime? He followed a school board directive to issue ID cards to students
    > to protect them from drug dealers and gang members who entered their campuses.
    > The SLA became famous for kidnapping Patricia Hearst from her Berkeley,
    > California, apartment in February 1974. The gang repeatedly raped the
    > 19-year-old girl to break her will, and, as we know, Hearst ended up being
    > involved in a SLA bank robbery.
    > Unlike the SLA's other victims, Hearst lived to talk about the ingredients
    > of the SLA's crimes. She has confirmed that Soliah participated in the 1975
    > bank robbery in a Sacramento suburb. During that episode, SLA member Emily
    > Harris gunned down Myrna Lee Opshal, an innocent bystander who had come to
    > the bank to deposit church funds. Later, when SLA members found out that
    > Opshal had been married to a doctor, they were ecstatic. As Harris
    > explained the political importance of the killing to her comrades: the
    > victim was "a pig" because "she was married to a doctor."
    > The SLA never achieved its revolution; De Freeze and five other SLA members
    > were killed in a shootout with police in Los Angeles.
    > Poor Kathleen was devastated. She led a rally for the "victims" of the
    > "fascists" in her favorite place: Berkeley's "Ho Chi Minh Park." Her stance
    > was that the six martyrs were "viciously attacked and murdered by 500 pigs
    > in L.A."
    > Surrendering was not on Kathleen's mind. After trying - unsuccessfully --
    > to kill L.A. police officers by putting pipe bombs under their cars, she
    > went into hiding. She renamed herself "Sara Jane Olson," married a doctor,
    > and conveniently moved on to be an upper-middle-class mother who raised
    > three daughters. Needless to say, she saw no problem in her marriage to a
    > physician, even though Myrna Lee Opshal deserved to die because she had
    > been "a pig" for being married to one.
    > And then, 24 years later, justice came calling.
    > Throughout her trial, Olson cried repeatedly while watching her friends and
    > family, including her mother, husband and daughter, testify about what a
    > model mother and citizen she had been throughout the years in the suburbs
    > of St. Paul. "She is one of the best mothers anybody would ever want," her
    > daughter sobbed aloud on the witness stand.
    > I feel for Soliah's children. But at least they have had the gift of having
    > a mother - a luxury that Myrna Lee Opshal's four children couldn't afford,
    > seeing that certain scum believed they had to take human life for the sake
    > of revolution.
    > The more I look at that pathetic picture of Soliah bawling with her ugly,
    > scrawled-up face, the more I can't help pondering: how many tears did she
    > shed the last 26 years for Dr. Foster and the children he left behind? How
    > many tears did she shed for Opshal and her children? How many tears did she
    > shed for the part of Patty Hearst's spirit and identity that was shattered
    > by the repeated rapes that she suffered at the hands of the SLA? How many
    > tears would she have shed for the police officers that would have died if
    > her pipe bombs hadn't malfunctioned? How many tears would she have shed for
    > their grieving families?
    > How many tears would Kathleen have shed if she hadn't been caught?
    > Right, you got it: now that she faces years in prison, Kathleen suddenly
    > gets all teary-eyed for the cameras.
    > I don't know how many times washed-up Leftists have lectured me about how
    > Soliah needs to be exonerated because she did what she did during
    > "different times." Mmm-hmm. The 1930s were different times too, and Hitler
    > gassed six million Jews during those times because he wanted a racial
    > utopia. Do we excuse him because he existed during "different times?" Or do
    > we excuse radicals like Soliah because they kill for class hatred and not
    > racial hatred?
    > What the Left really means about the "different times" is that people like
    > Soliah perpetrated their crimes during the 1960s and 1970s - a time during
    > which the counter-culture hoped to destroy capitalism for the sake of
    > building their vision of a better and fairer world. In other words, if you
    > kill human beings in the name of social justice, you should be forgiven; if
    > you perpetrate crimes against humanity because you assert you are doing it
    > for the poor, the oppressed and the downtrodden, there will always be a
    > Leftist milieu to defend you.
    > This Leftist charade has been discredited long ago. The history of the 20th
    > Century has taught a profound lesson: the moment anyone starts talking
    > about "eliminating" poverty and inequality, we must immediately recognize
    > that person to be as dangerous and evil as a Nazi that talks about the
    > importance of a "Final Solution."
    > Indeed, the moment a Leftist begins to imply that humans can be their own
    > redeemers, and that the perfectibility of human institutions and of the
    > human race is possible, it must be recognized that another re-enactment of
    > Pol Pot's killing fields is in its starting stages. That's why I have a
    > dream that one day the verbal articulation of class hatred will be
    > criminalized - just as racist hate speech is criminalized now. But in that
    > context we have a long way to go, since the Left clearly controls our
    > society's political language.
    > Oh yes, I forgot: Soliah has articulated some real tear-jerking apologies.
    > But if you deconstruct her "apologies" carefully, you will find that they
    > are directed at her family members for the "pain" she has caused them.
    > Nowhere has she yet to utter one mea culpa for the murderous ideology that
    > she upheld - which, when imposed by her ruthless comrades, snuffed out the
    > lives of people who wanted to live and who wanted to see their children
    > grow up. Never has she apologized for perpetuating ideas that are complicit
    > in the mass genocide that has been practiced throughout the 20th Century.
    > This is no surprise, of course, because being a Leftist means never having
    > to say you're sorry.
    > The bottom line is that "Sara Jane Olson" is much more than just a mutation
    > of the Ted Bundys and Jeffrey Dahmers of this world. She is the
    > representative of the 100 million deaths that communist regimes perpetrated
    > in the previous century. She would have gladly participated in those
    > murders had she had power in the regimes that she adored - and still
    > adores now. Her attempt to murder L.A. police officers represented only a
    > small symbolic act in this illuminating context.
    > My last hope in connection to this saga is that a form of human justice,
    > and not just criminal justice, will prevail. I am referring to the
    > inspiring unwritten law that exists in prison populations, where inmates
    > who have transgressed sacred ethical rules confront their justified fates.
    > For instance, if child molesters and rapists do not sign themselves into
    > protective custody, their stay in prison begins to consist of ingredients
    > that I need not illustrate here. Suffice it to say that severe beatings are
    > a starting point.
    > My hope is that Soliah will be recognized by her fellow inmates for being
    > who she is: a perpetrator who is no better than a child molester or a rapist.
    > So let's get the ball rolling. Let human justice, for the sake and memory
    > of the SLA's victims, begin.
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    > Jamie Glazov holds a Ph.D. in History with a specialty in Soviet Studies.
    > He is the author of 15 Tips on How to be a Good Leftist and of Canadian
    > Policy Toward Khruschev's Soviet Union which will be published by
    > McGill-Queens University Press in March 2002. Born in the U.S.S.R., Jamie
    > is the son of prominent Soviet dissidents, and now resides in Vancouver,
    > Canada. He writes the Dr. Progressive advice column for angst-ridden
    > leftists at
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