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     The Whole World's Watching: Peace and Social Justice Movements of the
    >1960s and 1970s
    > Review in Library Journal, Social Sciences Section
    > November 15, 2001
    > Berkeley Art Center December 2001. C. 160p., edited by Robert Schildgen.
    >Photogs. LC 2001132506. ISBN 0-942744-10-1. $59.95
    > pap. ISBN 0-942744-09-8. $24.95
    > Mario Savio, the late leader of the Free Speech Movement, notes in this
    >celebration of San Francisco Bay activism that the region "is one of the
    >few places . . . in the United States . . . where involvement in radical
    >politics is not a form of social leprosy." This collection of photographs
    >and short essays (mainly three to five pages long) relates many episodes
    >of the protest movement that ignited in the Bay Area and spread throughout
    >the country during the Sixties and Seventies. Contributors include highly
    >regarded historians Leon Litwack (presenting an overview of the era) and
    >Clayborne Carson (writing on the Civil Rights movement), as well as
    >several award-winning photojournalists, who provide often stark examples
    >of activists in action. The most intriguing stories are first-person
    >accounts by participants, including Alice Hamburg discussing the Women's
    >Strike for Peace, Ruth Rosen remembering the early feminist movement,
    >Donna Amador describing Latino Power, and HolLynn D'Lil recounting the
    >1977 protest of disabled citizens that led to the 1990 Americans with
    >Disabilities Act. The only notable omission is the Vietnam veterans who
    >mounted important protests against the war. The book, which accompanies
    >an exhibit at the Berkeley Art Center, is a worthy purchase for California
    >public and academic libraries and for other academic and larger public
    >libraries with collections in social protest and activism.
    > -- Karl Helicher, Upper Merion Twp. Library, King of Prussia, PA
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