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    Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 01:21:16 -0800 (PST)
    From: Bob Brown <kwameture2002_05@yahoo.com>
    To: KwameTure2002_05@yahoo.com
    Subject: Spring/Summer 2002 Tour


    We wish you and your family a Happy New Year!

    We would like to take this opportunity to announce our
    Spring/Summer 2002 Tour, and to ask for your help in
    bringing Bob Brown, the Director of the Kwame Ture
    Work-Study Institute and Library, to your community,
    campus or organization.

    Bob is available to speak on the following or other

    (1) Pan-Africanism and Reparations: Revolution or

    (2) The Anti-Globalization and Reparations Movements:
    Towards a New Model of Coalition Building

    (3) Black, Red and Brown United: Towards A New
    Reparations Paradigm

    (4) From Indian Wars to Slave Codes to COINTELPRO to
    Homeland Security: 500-Years of Political Repression
    in the United States

    (5) To Prevent the Rise of a Messiah: The U.S.
    Governments 40-year War against Kwame Ture (A
    PowerPoint Presentation)

    (6) Did You Hear the Thunder? An Outline History of
    the Worldwide African Student Movement

    The Kwame Ture Work-Study Institute and Library, which
    we are struggling to build in Conakry, Guinea, will
    become the largest non-governmental and non-profit
    repository in the world of primary source material by
    and about Kwame Ture (formerly known as Stokely
    Carmichael), and the movements and organizations with
    which he worked.

    It will also be a Pan-African and International
    work-study institute that will help educate, nurture
    and train future generations of students and youth, of
    scholars and organizers, and inspire them to give
    service to Africa and other Oppressed Peoples in every
    corner of the world.

    Bob Brown is a 38-year participant in the student,
    human rights, national liberation and Black Power,
    Pan-African, socialist and peace movements, having
    served as a member of the Congress of Racial Equality,
    the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, the
    Black Panther Party, the All-African People^s
    Revolutionary Party, and the Pan-Africanist Congress
    of Azania (South Africa).

    Bob has worked with and supported the Alliance for
    Global Justice, the American Indian Movement, the
    Azanian Peoples Organization, the Baath Party, the
    Black Conscious Movement of Azania, the Black
    Consciousness Movement of Brazil, the Committee
    against Registration and the Draft, the Committee in
    Solidarity with the People of El Salvador, the Dalit
    (Untouchables of India) Movement, the DC Hands Off
    Cuba, the DC-Havana Sister City Project, the
    Democratic Party of Guinea, the Emancipation Support
    Committee of Trinidad, the Eritrean People's
    Liberation Front, the FMLN of El Salvador, the
    International Indian Treaty Council, the Irish
    Republican Socialist Party, the June 12th Disarmament
    Committee, the La Raza Unida Party, the Million Man
    March, the Million Youth Movement, the Mobilization
    for Survival, the Movement for Justice in Gambia, the
    Nation of Islam, the National Action Network, the
    National Black United Front, the National Joint Action
    Committee of Trinidad, the Nicaragua Network, the
    Palestine Liberation Organization, Operation Push, the
    Pan-African Association of London, the Puerto Rican
    Socialist Party, the Rainbow Coalition, the Sandinista
    Liberation Front, the Sein Fein, the Universal Negro
    Improvement Association, the Young Koreans United, and
    a host of other organizations world-wide.

    He is an accomplished researcher and organizer, has
    participated in numerous national and international
    conferences and seminars, and has traveled and
    lectured extensively on college campuses and in
    communities throughout North America, Europe, Africa,
    the Middle East, the Caribbean and Brazil.

    For information on how you or your organization can
    bring Bob Brown to your campus, organization or
    community, contact us at bshango@juno.com or

    Thank you in advance for your assistance!

    Banbose Shango

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