[sixties-l] US Victims

From: Janis Eisenstark (jeisenstark@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 10:25:51 EST

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         I note that Todd Gitlin who was an SDS president
    now has a position in the mainstream establishment.
    He currently speaks only of the problem of US
    terrorism causing victims outside the country, he
    fails to mention that the citizens of the mainstream
    US economy cause problems even for their own citizens
    inside the United States.
         I became politically involved during the Reagan
    administration and due to my political stance (my
    belief that the demise of the Soviet Union and the US
    atomic bomb was a ploy) was relegated to mental
    patient status. To avoid the toxic drugs which are
    given routinely, I entered prostitution. The
    "innocent" civilians think nothing of giving me
    Depakote, a drug which has a proven record of
    destroying my liver. This Nazi follow-orders
    mentality leads me to wonder about the victims (the
    financial paper pushers) instrumental in perpetuating
    the economy as it currently exists. I have not even
    dealt with the American atrocities overseas which are
    a direct result of the need for goods which these
    "victims" need to perform their jobs.

    Janis Eisenstark

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