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From: drieux (
Date: Thu Dec 20 2001 - 11:57:55 EST

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    On Wednesday, December 19, 2001, at 11:01 , Ted Morgan wrote:

    > Following up (thanks drieux), I'm also going to be using Fred Turner's
    > Echoes of Combat.\
    > Ted

    should help those not as familiar about the general outline of this book.

    Which of course leads me to 'wander a field' a bit to recommend that
    the several chapters in bill mauldin's 'brass ring' be reviewed to
    notice that even after 'the last good war' we went through the usual
    process of the american media FREAKING about 'war damaged vets' doing
    things that 'civilian punks' did - but of course no one ever puts up
    the banner headline:

            "No-Prior-Military-Service-Civilian involved in single car drunken

    whereas selling

            "Combat Veteran involved in single car...."

    is a Mondo Seller....

    So you might want to see about using James William Gibson's "Warrior
    Violence and Manhood in Post-Vietnam America" - which does a reasonable
    of the transition of the 'civilian side' of the game into the whole 'john
    johnny rambo wannabe syndrome' - which of course annoys some of us, as
    there is
    stuff in there that we look at and go

            "Uh, so?"

    { tells me that its got 14 used copies @ $3.95 }

    To balance that 'Uh, so?' problem out - there is this little sea story
    from when
    I was living on Ford Island in the middle of Pearl Harbor - and as the VP
    of our
    Community Association was 'working the crowd' on the Ferryboat Home, and
    myself trying to explain to the Wife of one of the Folks, that her husband'
    apparently 'bizarre' behavior made sense if she put it back into the
    context that
    he had trained himself to never take the same route to work at the same
    even if that meant that with only two liberty launches and one ferry boat
    the island he had his work cut out to NOT make a 'trackable pattern'. At
    point she stopped 'worrying' since his behavior was a 'survival skill'
    when one
    can be a target for Hostage Taking....

    While on the Flip Side of that, one of my RecoveringTScleared friends
    asked me
    why I kept a 'trackable behavior' - an old 'ritual for luck' - and I
    pointed out
    that it was my little 'self affirmation' that I CAN have 'trackable
    behaviors' -
    sort of the 'quiet protest' that only former members of the family would

    I mean, how many folks consciously are aware of which styles of using a
    set of
    knife and forks are more likely to indicate that a person had been raised
    'america', the uk, slavic nations, or ....

    Watching the Wannabe's NOT GET it can be fun....



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