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Date: Thu Dec 20 2001 - 11:15:01 EST

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    On Wednesday, December 19, 2001, at 10:47 , Ted Morgan wrote:
    > Our response to all of this is to set up our own "rat line." If you
    > know of social marketing campaigns or protest actions that are being
    > suppressed, or if you come across any other story of overzealous
    > government "information management," please tell us your story. Go to
    > <<>.

    p1: the Ad in the URL is just fab. You gotta Love that sort of
    approach to confusing the children... But there is of course
    the current 'culture of FreakOut' amongst people who have spent
    most of the last fifty years intent upon being totally unaware of
    the consequences of 'low intensity warfare' and what 'collateral
    damange' can mean to them. Hence the new and Improved - we have
    the UnterStumpenFumblerDerVolksGrenidier who has yet to establish
    any gradiants of 'National Threat Level' - beyond the current
    binary 'off or HIGHEST STATE of ALERT'. Coupled as some have noticed
    with the Ill-timed 'political actions' such as the Hoax Anthrax Attacks
    and the recently fumbled JDL actions.

    That the Nice agent from the DOD was willing to clarify that they
    were merely closing out a 'tip' tells you that the DOD was tipping
    all of its cards - and that they have to follow up certain classes
    of 'tips' - just as the Secret Service has to run to ground any
    reports of 'threats' to 'secured persons' - and that yes, you can
    get to meet with your local Secret Service persons by advocating
    things like irradicating the head of state. It's a part of the Job.
    Nothing person, hardly even the wonderChild of Political Repression
    that at times these things get fobbed off as.

    I should Know - I pissed off the local 'chief of police' of a small
    college town by not kowTowing to his personal sense of Patriotism,
    but hell, the Idiot didn't have a DD214, no time in the field, and
    not a bloody leg to stand on when trying to sell himself as 'pro military'

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