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Date: Wed Dec 19 2001 - 14:24:16 EST

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    Reporting Vietnam (ISBN 1-883011-90-6), edited by Ward Just, originally
    published in two volumes by the Library Association of America and
    republished in a single volume paperback in 2000, might be what you are
    looking for. It contains articles by more than 50 writers e.g., David
    Halberstram, Tom Wolfe, Hunter Thompson, Gloria Emerson, Malcolm Browne,
    Sidney Schanberg. The jacket price is $17.95. 893 pp. Strongly recommended.
    Jeff Blankfort

    > > Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 11:48:39 -0500
    > From: Ted Morgan <epm2@LEHIGH.EDU>
    > Subject: [sixties-l] Vietnam book Inquiry
    > Hi all,
    > Looking for a fresh idea here. I'm teaching a new course in spring
    > semester, called "The Vietnam War in Politics, Memory, and Media,"
    > looking at the political context of the war & antiwar struggle, the
    > diverse experiences of the war and the way these are remembered in
    > personal memory, and the media's coverage and subsequently revisionism
    > about the war.
    > Among sources I'm using are Herr's Dispatches, a required novel or
    > biographical reading of someone 'in Country' (students can choose from
    > 5-6), Daniel Hallin's book on Uncensored War. I was going to use Tom
    > Well's antiwar movement history, but it's not in print.
    > So I'm now looking at/for a reader that combines various perspectives /
    > experiences/ memories/ history/ documents (if this is possible in one
    > book). One possibility I was considering was using both Gettelman et
    > al's documentary, "Vietnam & America" and the collection called
    > "Unwinding the Vietnam War: From War into Peace." Unfortunately the
    > latter is also out of print, now. I could still use the Gettelman reader
    > for the historical & political context stuff, and then something else
    > for the experience/memory/reflection, stuff (one thing I liked about
    > "Unwinding" is that it contains several poems and other remembrances, as
    > well as pieces like Chomsky's "Visions of Righteousness."
    > So, I'm eager for suggestions at this point! Some time pressure, too,
    > as I'd need to get the bookstore on this right away.
    > Many thanks,
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