Re: [sixties-l] George Harrison, India,& Caste Society

Date: Wed Dec 19 2001 - 10:06:19 EST

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    In a message dated Wed, 19 Dec 2001 1:27:45 AM Eastern Standard Time, Ted Morgan <> writes:

    > A thought on Michael's post. It seems he's equating Harrison's embrace
    > (if true) of Hinduism with some horrific practices engaged in by the
    > organized Hindu religion. On those kinds of grounds, wouldn't we have
    > to condemn Martin Luther King for the horrific practices of organized
    > Christianity over the years, etc. etc? The question as I see it is,
    > what kind of life did Harrison lead, was he committed to social justice,
    > etc.
    > Ted Morgan

    First, I read in news articles following his death that he went to India and embraced Hinduism. I don't think there is any controversy about that.

    If there is a "true" Hinduism which does not support the caste system, then did Harrison ever make this point and did he ever denounce the caste system?

      -- Michael Wright

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