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Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 22:24:29 EST

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    Drieux: That's a very fine response. Bill Mandel

    drieux wrote:
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    > > Subject: the port huron statement
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    > > please would you assist me in these questions.
    > > 1. why the students call for participatory democracy
    > > 2. why they argue that the college was a place to create social change
    > > 3.why they write that first sentence of the statement. what does it mean?
    > > my email is
    > > i would really appreciate your assistance. thanks in advance. clement

    My autobiography, SAYING NO TO POWER (Creative Arts, Berkeley, 1999),
    is designed for the general reader. If you teach in the social sciences,
    consider it for course use. It was written as a social history of the
    U.S. for the past three-quarters of a century through the eyes of a
    participant observer in most progressive social movements (I'm 84),
    and of the USSR from the standpoint of a Sovietologist (five earlier
    books) knowing that country longer than any other in the profession.
    Therefore it is also a history of the Cold War. Positive reviews
    in The Black Scholar, American Studies in Scandinavia, San Francisco
    Chronicle, etc. Introduction by Howard Zinn. Chapters are up at where you may also hear/see my defiant
    testimonies before Sen. Joe McCarthy in 1953 and the House Un-American
    Activities Committee in 1960. Available through all normal channels.
    Autographed copies may be obtained from me for $23 postpaid at 4500
    Gilbert St. Apt. 426, Oakland, CA. 94611.
                                                    William Mandel

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