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     Treason chic
    > by Don Feder
    > When I look at the face of John Philip Walker (Lindh), the 20-year-old
    > American captured in Afghanistan, I see newspaper photos of the innocents
    > killed by his comrades on September 11. By defending mass murderers, he
    > shares in their guilt, and should share in their fate.

    Firstly, I appreciate the reminder to exercise a little skepticism here. I
    mean, should we really believe someone who has dedicated themselves to a
    indicted criminal who has an unbelievable messianic complex, that polygamist
    leader who has degraded women and treated them as chattel, who has more
    trouble keeping his pants on than Billy Jeff ("B.J.") Clinton, who has
    laundered immense funds through bogus non-profit "charitable" institutions,
    who evaded taxes amd has manipulated the world's media for base and
    avaricious ends, who has most certainly brainwashed thousands of young
    people, many of them middle class twits?

    I mean, what would you think of someone who takes up the banner for a man
    who has said: "So from this time of peak every people or every organization
    that goes against (our organization) will gradually come down or drastically
    come down and die. Many people will die -- those who go against our

    Of course, I speaking of the employer of Don Feder, the dimwitted author of
    this execrable piece, Washington Times and United Press Inc. owner Rev. Sun
    Myung Moon, who made that statement on 2/14/74.

    Hey, here's a website you can check for a huge amount of useful links.

    > But what can you expect from the insanely overindulgent parents who would
    > allow a 16-year-old to convert to Islam and then traipse off to Yemen a
    > year later?

    I would hope that they would be both decent and empathetic, unlike my own
    parents who rejected me when I became an agnostic at the same age. It's
    interesting to think that Feder unblushingly advocates thought control.

    > Walker (a k a, Abdul Hamid) was taken with a group of Taliban militia
    > staged a revolt in the Mazar-e-Sharif prison, where CIA agent John Michael
    > Spann was killed.

    Well, you probably won't read it in the U.S. press, but many if not most of
    the "revolters" were killed with their hands tied behind their backs, after
    some of their comrades violently responded to Spann's allegedly torturing
    them. You are aware, I assume, that the U.S. government has trained
    murderers and narcoterrorists for decades at the School of the Assassins at
    Ft. Benning, GA. After receiving such useful information as the most
    effective and brutal methods of torture, we have turned them loose on the
    poor of their own counties. Here's one of those terrorists and escaped
    prisoners you could look up: Orlando Bosch, who with his fellow murderers
    Luis Posada Carillo, Felix Rodrigues and one other criminal who escaped from
    prison and whose name escapes me, blew up a Cuban commercial airliner with
    scores aboard. He was involved in hundreds of bombings and murders, here
    and abroad, and finally went to jail in the U.S. after a bazooka attack on a
    Polish freighter in Miami harbor. But decades before the end of his
    sentence, his ex-employer (as CIA chief) George H. Bush, at the behest of
    son Jeb, who was sucking up to the Cuban vote bloc, paroled him, then
    pardoned him a year early. Except for a brief NY Times editorial, the
    release of this bloodthirsty pig went almost completely unnoticed in the
    U.S. media. As they say: "You could look it up."

    > Like our families, our nation gives us an identity and nurtures us. In the
    > case of America, it also offers unparalleled personal freedom and
    > prosperity. To turn against such a nation is an act of ingratitude that
    > must make the angels sigh.

    Early on the morning of 9/11, I was on my way to the Rayburn building,
    knowing that my meeting would be cancelled because of the bloody WTC attacks
    moments earlier. Then, as I was driving in downtown D.C., the Pentagon got
    hit. I turned around to go back to Newark but detoured and stopped at BTW
    airport and loaded my empty van with nine seniors, passengers who had been
    stranded when their Florida/Newark flight put down. One passenger asked,
    "How could they do this to us?" I said, "How could we do it to them?"
    Another said, "But this is a free country!" I asked him how many people he
    thought were in prison in the U.S. "Two million?," he guess. "Exactly," I
    responded to the lucky gent.

    > But since the '60s, treason has been chic, especially among the elite (who
    > are traitors in their hearts). At worst, turncoats are treated leniently.
    > At best, they become cultural icons or tenured professors.

    Oh, this is helpful. Ad hominem attacks on anyone who has a higher I.Q.
    than Feder possesses.

    > These graying guerrillas may not fit the constitutional definition of
    > treason, but like Jane Fonda (who made propaganda broadcasts for Hanoi
    > during the Vietnam War) they were part of a Fifth Column allied with our
    > enemies. None has expressed an ounce of remorse.

    Feder continues his mendacity. Fonda has expressed remorse for her poor
    judgement. She has also been libelled by Feder and his ilk for stories like
    the "little slips of prisoners notes," that she supposedly turned over the
    the North Vietnamese. All horseshit, I'm afraid. And anyone who post this
    kind of garbage is no better than the Moonie writer, who in the posted piece
    engaged in the core theological principle of the Moonie Church: "Heavenly

    LIFE IN THE MOONIE COMMUNE Recruits are brought in by friendliness, decit,
    and "love bombing". They are deprived of sleep and proper food and
    indoctrinated for long hours day and night. Soon they are on the streets
    selling candles, peanuts, flowers, etc., and becoming part of the deception

    HEAVENLY DECEPTION A doctrine of Mr. Moon's is "Heavenly Deception", which
    briefly stated is this Because Satan deceives God's children, God's
    children, in turn, have the right to deceive Satan's children. Of course,
    you and I are defined by Mr. Moon as "Satan's children", so we are the
    victims who get sold their merchandise, along with the lie that it is for
    "youth work", "Orphans", or "drug rehabilitation".

    Mr. Moon has been put in jail for tax evasion, and continues to have
    troubles with the Internal Revenue Service in the U.S.A. He has added
    several major industries to his street activities and continues to rake in
    the money.

    Before I sign off, let me post a few more tidbits:

    It is obvious that Rev. Moon had said, taught and claimed many times, by
    inference and association, that he was the Lord of the Second Advent. He was
    indeed posing as the Lord of the Second Advent. His 1985 statement, quoted
    and underlined above, was just a deceptive maneuver to avoid criticism from
    Christians at that time. Then, finally, came the big announcement. In a
    speech given on July 6, 7, 8, & 9, 1992 at Chungju, Pusan, Kwanju and Seoul,
    Korea, respectively, and August 26, 1992 in Seoul, Korea, Rev. Moon publicly
    proclaimed: "God chose me to be the Messiah, and during this time He has
    been performing His work of salvation. I have fulfilled my mission as the
    Lord of the Second Advent, Savior and the True Parent." (Rev. Sun Myung
    Moon, "The Reappearance of the True Parents and the Ideal Family," from the
    Unification Church magazine, Today's World, September 1992, p.6.)

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     Combatting Cult Mind Control by Steve Hassan. Currently a psychologist,
    Hassan is a former member of the Unification Church. The book deals with
    cults in general, but the Unification Church features in many examples.

     In the Shadow of the Moons Subtitled, "My Life in the Reverend Sun Myung
    Moon's Family" by Nansook Hong.

    Hong, who arrived in the U.S. from Seoul as a 15-year-old bride handpicked
    by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon for his son, shares her story of 14 years of
    harrowing abuse at the hands of the Moon family, and her eventual escape to
    make a new life.

    Her memoir, "In the Shadow of the Moons," due out next month from Little,
    Brown, reveals the Moon family's darkest secrets. She says she witnessed
    cocaine and marijuana abuse and was taken on trips to Las Vegas during which
    Sun Myung Moon would have someone place bets for him so he would not
    actually gamble himself.

    She says she contracted a sexually transmitted disease from her husband and
    was "a toy for his sexual pleasure or an outlet for his violent rages." She
    also claims she saw the elder Moon abusing his children. She eventually fled
    the compound with her own children after weeks of meticulous planning.
    Double Trouble for Moon Empire, New York Post, Aug 17, 1998

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