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    Liverpool Flags Fly at Half-mast

    "Harrison mourned around the world" -- BBC [RealPlayer]
    "George Harrison, Former Beatle, Dies at 58" -- _New York Times_ [RealPlayer
    George Harrison -- CNN [RealPlayer, QuickTime, Windows Media Player]
    George Harrison: Albums, Songs and Lyrics
    The Beatles.com [QuickTime 4, Flash 5, Shockwave 8, Windows Media Player]
    Beatles, Beatles, Beatles!

    The flags are flying at half-mast in Liverpool today. Most famous for his
    role as the Beatles' guitarist, George Harrison, musician, film producer,
    and writer, died yesterday at friend Gavin De Becker's house in Los Angeles;
    he was with his wife and son Dhani. Harrison had been treated for throat
    cancer in 1998 and, this year, for lung cancer and a brain tumor. He was the
    youngest of the Fab Four and only 58 when he died. BBC quotes De Becker as
    saying, "He died with one thought in mind -- love one another."

    The BBC site features an impressive compilation of articles on Harrison and
    the Beatles as well as some video clips including remembrances from Paul
    McCartney and Bob Geldof. The _New York Times_' lengthy article covers many
    of the highlights of Harrison's life and career and also offers selected
    audio and video files, though we had trouble accessing some of these at time
    of publication. CNN has posted a special section on Harrison, where users
    will find stories, video clips, photo galleries, and message boards. J.
    Scholvin brings us the George Harrison page, which, while not updated
    recently (the links page is frustrating, at best), offers a discography and
    lyrics to all of Harrison's songs as well as scans of album art and a "tour"
    through The Concert for Bangladesh booklet. The official Beatles site
    functions largely as a promotional spot for last year's album of singles,
    but fans will enjoy a visit. Clicking on a song title brings up all sorts of
    information: sleeves and labels, publicity materials, photos, and more. The
    unofficial Beatles, Beatles, Beatles! offers links to a cornucopia of
    Beatles sites from the search box at the bottom of the page. What the site
    lacks in looks (users must first scroll through an abundance of sponsor
    links), it makes up for in volume.

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