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From: Ron Jacobs (rjacobs@zoo.uvm.edu)
Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 11:47:12 EST

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    >Subject: Sara Olson Defense Fund Committee
    >Support Sara Olson and her Defense Fund Committee! Hearing
    >December 3rd
    >9:30 am
    >Superior Criminal Courts Building
    >210 W Temple
    >Downtown LA Cookbook Sale!
    >Saturday, December 8th
    >11am - 3pm
    >Peace Center
    >8124 West 3rd Street
    >Update on Sara^s Case:1pm
    >323 653-3610 This cookbook has an extensive menu of vegetarian and
    >nonvegetarian recipes, including appetizers and beverages; salads and
    >vegetables; main dishes; rice, pasta and breads; and desserts. Recipes are
    >those of Sara Jane Olson, her family, and friends.
    >Section pages are visual commentary on the trumped-up conspiracy charges
    >against Sara Olson. Sara^s cookbook or a hand silkscreened poster which
    >are the Defense Committee^s main vehicles for fundraising and networking.
    >t-shirts, bumper stickers and videos.
    > Statement from The Sara Olson Defense Fund Committee November, 2001
    >works towards building support for Sara in light of the recent developments
    >in her case. A hearing is scheduled for December 3rd for Judge Fidler to
    >decide whether Sara will be permitted to withdraw her guilty plea. As an
    >innocent defendant, Sara never wanted to plead guilty and was determined to
    >prove her innocence at trial. Her decision to plead guilty on October 31
    >and affirm her guilty plea on November 6th was made reluctantly. In
    >affirming her guilty plea on November 6, Sara stated unequivocally in court
    >that she neither possessed the bombs, constructed the bombs nor placed the
    >bombs under police cars as charged in the indictment. But under the legal
    >definition of aiding and abetting, she acknowledged guilt. I am not
    >second guessing my decision as much as I have found the courage to take
    >what I know is the honest course.^
    >(Please see declarations of Tony Serra and Sara Olson filed recently and
    >posted on our web site: www.saraolsondefense.org). The December 3rd hearing
    >will be critical. We urge you to support Sara by coming to Judge Fidler^s
    >court room on the ninth floor in the Criminal Courts building for the 9:30
    >a.m. hearing. If Sara is successful in withdrawing her plea she will need
    >your support even more. through the use of the law of conspiracy which is
    >extremely broad and carries a lower burden of proof. Evidence and witnesses
    >of past events or unrelated crimes can be introduced against a person
    >charged with conspiracy even though the association with others did not
    >exist until after these events took place. The court gave the prosecution
    >permission to introduce evidence of 22 crimes for which she was not charged
    >and most of these crimes occurred long before Sara allegedly began any
    >association with anyone in the SLA. The Sara Olson Defense Fund Committee
    >continues to stand behind Sara. We hope that you also will understand her
    >actions in light of today^s trying circumstances. Supporting Sara Olson^s
    >defense can be added to the radar screen of anyone who has been a committed
    >progressive and defender of justice and civil liberties. This case, like
    >the current dragnet of suspects (especially immigrants who appear to be
    >from the middle east or have Arab sounding names), and concurrent
    >suspension of their civil liberties by federal law enforcement agencies,
    >demonstrates that any activist can be threatened with dire consequences for
    >giving peripheral support to what may become unpopular causes. By
    >continuing your support for Sara Olson, you can help ensure that today^s
    >activists who challenge authority will not find themselves facing the broad
    >sword of conspiracy law. From Eugene Debs to Mother Jones, from Doctor
    >Spock to the Chicago 8, from the Harrisburg 7 to the Berrigan Brothers,
    >conspiracy law has been used to stifle dissent and silence protest. But the
    >legacy of these cases is an unqualified affirmation of those individuals
    >who led the protests against injustice and inequality, against racism and
    >ignorance. Knowing Sara as we do, we continue to give her our unqualified
    >support. We hope that you will also support her.
    > The Sara Olson Defense Fund Committee 8124 West 3rd Street #204 ^ LA,
    >CA., 90048 ^ Ph: 323 653-3610 ^ Fax: 323 653-3837

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