Re: [sixties-l] Residents Express Outrage Over Howard Zinn (fwd)

From: Ted Morgan (
Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 06:07:31 EST

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    Thanks to Gretchen for fleshing out the reality of the Newton
    situation. I had guessed after checking out the "Massachusetts News"
    that this was an organized right-wing effort. I noticed an article
    about it in the Boston Herald, and a letter applauding these 'upstanding
    citizens,' so it seemed to add up. I wonder if you (Gretchen) know any
    more about this rag, "Massachusetts News" --is it a religio-right-wing
    paper, a website only? Is it Newton-based?

    Ted Morgan wrote:
    > On the whole Newton residents believe in the right to express divergent
    > opinions, including allowing Howard Zinn to speak at the high school.
    > However, there is a small group of radical religious fundamentalists who are
    > well organized and wish to end diversity by imposing their views to the
    > exclusion of others. They have been attempting to overtake the school board,
    > but have been voted down. However, they are willing to use any kind of
    > tactics, working with hysteria, distortion and lies in the press to get their
    > way. This has been going on for some years.
    > Gretchen Klotz

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