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Date: Thu Nov 29 2001 - 22:48:06 EST

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    > ARON KAY

    Geez, is there any kind of editorial control around here? LOL That was just
    SOOO deep. Wow! I am underwhelmed. You know, sir, I have listened to your
    nonsensical tirades long enough. For starters, you should learn to use a
    spellcheck if you have one. Secondly, if you have something of value to say,
    we would all like to hear it. If not, shut your pie(man)hole. Speaking as a
    gen-Xer with a baby-boomer sized chip on my shoulder, your posts tend to
    personify what so many of my generation find humorous about certain elements
    of the inflated sense of self-importance couched in pointless
    buffoonery and topped off with a talent for jingoism that would make even a
    right-wing blowhard like Spiro Agnew blush.

    Just because someone doesn't agree with your or my view of the world doesn't
    mean it is neo-McCarthyism or any other ism. I personally find Zinn to be
    little more than a charming relic who writes extremely well, but hey, he has
    the right to speak and write all he wants. Doesn't mean I have to agree with
    him. As for those trying to silence him, who cares?? They aren't even
    newsworthy! All this does is give them attention, kind of like a screaming
    child making a scene in a toy store. Far too many elements on both the right
    and left love to attack and censor their opponents...only to cry "freedom of
    speech" or "neo-McCarthyism" when their own views are met with the same
    attitude. It's hypocrisy and nothing but more "I'm a victim" silliness, pure
    and simple. Freedom of speech and expression means just that...FREEDOM.
    Even Pieman...

    In fact, I would be very interested to know, Mr. Pieman, what you THINK about
    (i.e. actions rather than reactions) many of the topics discussed on this
    list. Is it possible for you to post something more than a simple,
    convoluted rant that looks like it came from the pen of an irate

    I know this may get me tossed from this list, but I wish you would
    demonstrate something other than mindless blather.

    Brad L. Duren
    Instructor of History
    Oklahoma Panhandle State University
    213 Hamilton Hall
    Goodwell, Oklahoma 73939

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