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Date: Tue Nov 27 2001 - 08:51:42 EST

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    > Drieux is correct on the importance of being aware of the
    > symbolism/meanings of our pronouncements, certainly. But my point, re the
    > "Law and Order" episode, is even more about the current intensification
    > of manipulation and censorship of the mass media, and the
    > possibile--probable--attacks on the use of the net for progressive
    > organizing and information dissemination.
    > Paula

    AMEN and Preach IT!

    I think the recent 'study' about the 'weak link' in our national security
    that is the 'academic world' showed that this is not merely a 'liberal
    media problem' as you suggest - but the even worse problem that the current
    government is running scared, that it does not know, nor does it really
    care 'what is at stake' in the current war.

    the possible 'abuse' of the Patriot act is run out in detail at:


    but I would argue that now, more than ever, it is the time to sort out
    what people Really Believe, what they are really willing to live and die
    for - and more importantly - how they wish to actually effect change
    having to rely on terrorism and/or any other form of para-militarism.

    As such, we can learn a lot from the 'samizdat' movement of the soviet
    dissident community - who faced a far more repressive police state than
    then american 'anti-war' movement ever faced. Whereas they had to work
    with the carbon copies of typed documents, we have the advantage of being
    able to work with html and email in ways that will allow us to counter
    the lack of information, with information.

    We would also be well servered to go back over the history of RAWA - the
    revolutionary afghani women's association - to see that even in the face of
    a 'vast rightwing religious konspirakii' one can keep on 'keeping on'
    resorting to the politics of the gun.

    At which point we can actually implement 'heroics' - not in the
    posturing of pretend patriotism or posseur politics du gauche - but by
    that 'hey kids, maybe that SUV with the sierra club bumper sticker is
    Even IF such gestalt awareness is suddenly coming from the likes of Frau

    Maybe now is the time to implement an intellectual form of Tai Chi Chuan,
    support the Attorney General when he suggests that revealing the list of
    of those who are detained would 'invade their privacy' - and see what we
    do about protecting the rest of their 'rights of privacy' - like not
    having to
    be under direct control of the Department of Justice....

    Let us not 'worry' about the way that things can go wrong. Let's find ways
    make it possible that they can't go wrong.



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