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    Subject: Why Campus Leftists Are A Threat to U.S. National Security


    David Horowitz
    Center for the Study of Popular Culture

    "Why Campus Leftists Are A Threat to U.S. National Security"

    Wednesday, November 28, 2001 at 12:00 noon
    Brownstone Hotel, Raleigh, NC
    $15 per person

    MILLIONS OF PEOPLE first heard of David Horowitz in early 2001, when he
    infuriated the radical Left with his campaign to place anti-reparations ads
    in campus newspapers. The ensuing media firestorm raged for months. Yet
    Horowitz is no newcomer to the political battlefront. He has been fighting
    America's culture wars for decades, first as a Communist revolutionary, now
    as a conservative author, pundit and activist.
    During the ^A'60s and ^A'70s, Horowitz became a leader of the New Left,
    editing Ramparts magazine and working closely with the Black Panthers. He
    was a key advisor and confidant of Panther leader Huey Newton. Later,
    Horowitz renounced his leftist beliefs, a painful and heart-wrenching
    odyssey described in his autobiography Radical Son. He went on to become
    one of the chief engineers of George W. Bush's "compassionate conservative"
    Horowitz is President of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture, an
    organization dedicated to turning the tables on the Left, using the Left's
    own no-holds-barred style of political warfare to fight creeping socialism
    and political correctness, and to reclaim America in the name of freedom.

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