Re: [sixties-l] An Act of War?

Date: Wed Nov 21 2001 - 01:03:50 EST

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    > I don't know if he has taken Allen out of context in ridiculing his
    > Bush-blaming (though I suspect this, too, is the case), but I will argue
    > that those who blame Bush for all of this mess ARE, in fact, missing the
    > boat. Brad is correct that it does spread over a far broader range of
    > history, going back (at least) to the early part of this century when
    > European colonialists carved up the Middle East. Try READING the Left
    > on the current struggle; check out for a variety of
    > commentaries from the left, for example. There ought to be room for
    > more than a caricature of argument on this list.
    > Ted Morgan

    Point well taken, Ted...and I agree that we should have more than caricature
    of argument around here. Thanks for the intelligent response. I need to
    make sure that my own responses show as much thought.

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