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    Einhorn given 30 days to find a lawyer


    Monday, November 19, 2001
    By Jacqueline Soteropoulos

    A Philadelphia Common Pleas Court judge today granted former fugitive Ira
    Einhorn approximately 30 days to raise funds to hire an attorney or to find
    a lawyer willing to take on Einhorn's decades-old murder case for free.

    Einhorn, convicted in absentia of the 1977 murder of girlfriend Holly
    Maddux, has been granted an unprecedented new trial. Maddux's mummified body
    was found in 1979, stuffed in a trunk in the couple's Powelton Village
    apartment. She had been missing for 18 months. Einhorn jumped bail and
    disappeared in 1981 on the eve of his trial.

    Einhorn eluded authorities until 1997 and then waged a lengthy legal battle
    in France to avoid extradition. He was extradited July 19 after the
    Pennsylvania legislature passed special legislation authorizing a second
    trial upon Einhorn's request.

    Common Pleas Judge D. Webster Keough ruled that if Einhorn can not secure a
    private attorney, he will be represented by a court-appointed lawyer.

    Norris Gelman, Einhorn's longtime attorney, said last week he would no
    longer represent Einhorn because of a heavy caseload and because Einhorn is
    Jacqueline Soteropoulos' e-mail address is jsoteropoulos@phillynews.com.

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