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Date: Thu Nov 15 2001 - 14:27:30 EST

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    Regarding Brad's comment (Horowitz vs. Gitlin):

    > I guess it all depends on your definitions of "sane principles" and
    > "steaming rancor and ugly rhetoric", doesn't it? I see plenty of
    > rancor and rhetoric leveled against Horowitz around here.
    > Oh...wait...he's a conservative now, so vilifying and lambasting him
    > is okay as they don't count. Sorry...I forgot the rules for a
    > moment. :-)

    Well, that's Horowitz' peculiar "genius" isn't it --that through
    broad-brush distortion, inflammatory rhetoric, and ad hominem attack, he
    often draws something approaching the same out of his adversaries,
    thereby obscuring the issues, structural forces, and realities he tends
    to ignore anyway. A kind of rhetorical 'victory' for him, you'd have to
    say, even if it does earn him widespread loathing on the left
    --loathing, which, after all, merely reinforces and perpetuates his
    solipsistic world view.

    As for Todd, well "oversimplification" and 'raising as many questions as
    he answers' in "The Sixties" is hardly the same thing, is it?

    Keep smilin' Brad, but by all means DON'T get fooled again!


    > As for Gitlin, his brand of "autobiography as history of an era" makes
    > for great reading, but also oversimplifies much at the same time and
    > raises as many questions as it answers.
    > [cranking up "Won't Get Fooled Again" and smiling with wide-eyed
    > wonder]
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