Re: [sixties-l] Todd Gitlin on the war (fwd)

From: Marty Jezer (
Date: Thu Nov 15 2001 - 09:59:46 EST

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    Jeff wrote "Marty, I appreciate that old friendships die hard, but Todd read

    Jeff, I met Todd once, back in 1968. (Before he bought his house; he was
    living in an apartment). I was never active in SDS, though I did hold a
    membership card during the Carl Oglesby period. I would not call him a
    friend or a non-friend. But I feel solidarity with brother and sister
    activists -- with you too, even with our disagreements. It's not like we're
    in power fighting over the fine points of legislation that is going to
    affect how people live. Good people, whose basic premise is love of
    justice, are viewing the current world and national situation from many
    different angles. No one, in this era or any other, has a hold on the right



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