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From: Mark Bunster (
Date: Thu Nov 15 2001 - 10:14:15 EST

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    I wrote:

    I suppose what's strangest to me is that we give David Horowitz as much
    "airtime" as he can handle, when he has so clearly deserted sane principles
    for steaming rancor and ugly rhetoric--yet Todd Gitlin, who continues to be
    thoughtful if not dogmatic, earns a "who cares." The wrong person is being
    ignored, I think.

    To which Brad replied:

    > I guess it all depends on your definitions of "sane principles" and "steaming
    > rancor and ugly rhetoric", doesn't it? I see plenty of rancor and rhetoric
    > leveled against Horowitz around here. Oh...wait...he's a conservative now,
    > so vilifying and lambasting him is okay as they don't count. Sorry...I
    > forgot the rules for a moment. :-)

    ...which rather misses my point, I think--or really just re-states it. I agree
    with you about the depths to which otherwise caring people have sunk in
    villifying Horowitz on the list, when the more appropriate response to the
    latter's abhorrency is quiet disdain...the virtual chirping of crickets.
    Instead, it's Gitlin who gets this silent treatment, despite the fact that his
    commentary is calmly and thoughtfully delivered. It's disheartening to see him
    dismissed with a wave, rather than engaged and debated. It's HIS positions that
    deserve discussion, even if you disagree. Horowitz's babble is best left to
    it's natural asphyxiation of intellect.


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