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From: Mark Bunster (
Date: Tue Nov 13 2001 - 09:41:09 EST

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    --- Marty Jezer <> wrote:
    > What's this, the gang of two or the gang of four has read Gitlin out of the
    > movement; not that he'd care. But the movement never spoke with one voice,
    > despite the efforts of those who believed it only spoke properly in their
    > voice. Gitlin comes out of a similar experience as most veterans of the
    > sixties and has always, to my mind, been thoughtful even if sometimes right
    > or sometimes wrong. A movement that can't take criticism, much less read
    > it, is already brain dead; a cadaver rather than a movement.
    > Marty Jezer

    I suppose what's strangest to me is that we give David Horowitz as much
    "airtime" as he can handle, when he has so clearly deserted sane principles for
    steaming rancor and ugly rhetoric--yet Todd Gitlin, who continues to be
    thoughtful if not dogmatic, earns a "who cares." The wrong person is being
    ignored, I think.

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