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Date: Mon Nov 12 2001 - 00:06:24 EST

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    What's this, the gang of two or the gang of four has read Gitlin out of the
    movement; not that he'd care. But the movement never spoke with one voice,
    despite the efforts of those who believed it only spoke properly in their
    voice. Gitlin comes out of a similar experience as most veterans of the
    sixties and has always, to my mind, been thoughtful even if sometimes right
    or sometimes wrong. A movement that can't take criticism, much less read
    it, is already brain dead; a cadaver rather than a movement.

    Marty Jezer

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    > Mark,
    > The whole point here was that Gitlin was criticizing the left in his
    > article and evaluating what the left did or didn't do. Now we could
    > take criticism from David Horowitz and his ilk too, but what's the
    > point.
    > My point was that he has no influence and is isolated, so whatever he
    > has to say about the left comes from the outside and not really a
    > fraternal debate...
    > best, Don
    > >--- monkerud <> wrote:
    > >> I have to agree with Jeff, particularily to the extent, "who cares?"
    > >> Gitlin hasn't had any influence in the left since about 1971... I saw
    > >> him around that time in San Francisco for an evening and he had had
    > >> an emotional breakdown because he had become isolated from the
    > >> movement. Does anyone take him seriously anymore, or did they ever?
    > >>
    > >> best, Don
    > >
    > >It seems odd to me that both Don and Jeff are more interested in
    > >whether Gitlin is a "part of the movement," than they are in evaluating
    > >analysis. Does his "influence in the left" have any bearing on the
    > >truth to his
    > >arguments?
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