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    Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 14:09:24 EST
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    Subject: roz payne photos

    Dear Friends,
    You are invited to see my photos 1967 -1971 at Red Square Bar and Grill on
    Tuesday Nov. 13, from 5 - 8 pm . Red Square is on Church Street across
    from Burlington City Hall. The show is up from Oct. 19 till Friday Nov 16
    midnight so stop in anytime after 4 pm. Roz Payne

    List of the photos

    Roz Payne Archives
     POBox 164 Richmond, VT 05477
    (802) 434-3172

    I will be putting the photos up on my home page soon, if you want to check
    out other photos check out my web page .

    A. Huey P. Newton Defense Committee
    Oakland California Courthouse l969

    B. Happy New Year January 1969

    C. Abbie Hoffman has his American flag shirt torn off and is arrested for
    wearing it as he prepares to testify at the House un-American Activities
    Committee on the Chicago Democratic Convention. Washington DC 1968

    D. Anita Hoffman arrested trying to save Abbie from arrest for wearing a
    shirt made out of an American flag. Washington DC 1968

    E. Demonstration against the war in Viet Nam New York City l969

    F. Black Panther Demonstration
    First day of trial for Huey P. Newton at the Oakland California Court House

    G. Yippies Pig for President , Fillmore East
     Police informer George Demerle back center with hat, NYC 1968

    H. Revolution, Revolution, Eldridge Cleaver
    Chicago National Democratic Convention l968

    I. New York City cops
    Bureau of Special Services, Red Squad

    J. University of Vermont Green
    Black Panther, 17 year old Jamal Joseph speaks to students about the NY
    Panther 21 case. 1971

    K. Fillmore East Auditorium
    Bill Graham, Julian Beck of the Living Theater and friends at free community
     night. New York City 1969

    l. Chicago cops 1968

    2. Welcome to Chicago 1968

    3. Kill Red Peace Creeps New York City

    4. Grant Park Democratic National Convention l968

    5. Black Panther 21 member Dr. Curtis Powell arrested in his East
    Village apartment. After a two year trial, jury out 45 minutes and found
    everyone Not Guilty. New York City l969

    6. Lower East Side, Thompkins Square Park New York City 1968

    7. Demonstration in support of the Black Panther 21 opening day of trial.
    New York City l969

    8. Chicago Democratic National Convention
    Soldier with round tear gas canister. 1968

    9. Free the Panther 21 NYC l969

    10. Little Boy East 6th Street New York City l970

    11. Mobilization for Peace-Pentagon Demonstration Washington DC October 21,


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