Re: [sixties-l] Another mother for peace

From: monkerud (
Date: Wed Oct 31 2001 - 21:02:10 EST

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    And Boondocks? I believe that the cartoon was censored in many places.

    Sometimes "thought" is pushing the issue for Americans, let alone
    "radical" thought.

    best, Don

    >Dear Sixties People:
    >Pogo's cartoon was not at all reactionary. On the contrary, "we met the
    >enemy and he (them?) is us" was downright subversive. Pogo's declaration
    >was on par with "we had to destroy Vietnam in order to save it." For the
    >first time, that analogy was made very clear in all the dailies which
    >carried the cartoon.
    >Once again, American culture is such that cartoons (like Doonesbury) are
    >in the forefront of "radical thought." It's sad.

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