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Date: Mon Oct 29 2001 - 09:56:00 EST

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    Carol, let's not be so simplistic about war and murder. We all have
    different levels of what we do and don't. I still don't buy Dow Cemical
    products because I think of the little girl with the Napalm stuck on her body
    burning running down the road in Vietnam. I do shop at big box stores like
    Walmart and Home depot . I've never been politically correct. And, who
    The 1968 speech made by Bess Meyerson , to a large group of women called
    Another Mother for Peace chapter in Beverly Hills is one of the great
    speeches of the Sixties. Because of peoples conceptions of "who is Bess
    Meyerson" she is often put down before her words are heard. I know this
    speech because Newsreel has it on video , transfered from film. I use
    it for my History of Women in No America class.
     If you wear synthetics go ahead, if you eat food laced with DDT go
    ahead, if you buy products made out of hemp do it. Who cares what you do.
      Bess makes about 20 minutes worth of connections that are amazing.
    She connected products and owners of corporations and war. She showed how
    almost everything we bought was connected from the timing mechanisms in Elgin
    watches to our washers and dryers. Of course in the sixties we had less
    Im sorry I do not read Pogo or comics and do not know what you are refering
    to unless you are trying to say that "we are our own enemy". If so, I don't
    Because of this discussion I will send anyone a copy of this speech if you
    request it in the Month of November on vhs 1/2 video for your classroom for
    15 bucks including postage ( I usually charge 25$) .
    Make check out to Roz Payne Archives POBox 164 Richmond, Vermont 05477
      Include your mailing address , name , and the name of the video
    Another Mother for Peace.

    <<<<What are we supposed to do? Spin our own clothes out of weeds in the

    back yard so we won't be wearing petrochemicals? It sounds nice but is

    seemingly another version of that reactionary creed from Pogo about "we"

    [who?] have met the enemy etc.>>>>>> carrol cox

    <Her speech also includes what the companies we buy from

    > also produce for war like napalm, cluster bombs, mines etc. It is a great

    > speech. She says don't buy war.

    > roz.>

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