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From: Ron Jacobs (rjacobs@zoo.uvm.edu)
Date: Mon Oct 29 2001 - 09:59:41 EST

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    >The following statement in defense of academic freedom is being circulated
    >by concerned faculty members. If you would like to endorse the statement,
    >please send your name, academic position and affiliation, and contact
    >information to academicfreedomnow@hotmail.com. Non-academic endorsers are
    >also welcome.
    >We hope to publish the statement as a full page ad in the New York Times and
    >possibly other media outlets with the names of hundreds or thousands of
    >endorsers. The cost will be many thousands of dollars. If you would like to
    >make a contribution towards the cost of publishing the statement, please
    >send a check to:
    >Center for Economic Research and Social Change
    >P.O. Box 258082
    >Chicago, IL 60625
    >Mark your check "Academic Freedom Ad".
    >Please contact the email address above if you have any questions or
    >To fellow teachers and staff members:
    >In the crisis precipitated by the terrible events of September 11, members
    >of academic communities across the U.S. have participated in teach-ins,
    >colloquia, demonstrations, and other events aimed at developing an informed
    >critical understanding of what happened and why. Now that the U.S. is
    >waging war in Afghanistan, such activities are continuing.
    >Unfortunately, some participants in these events have been threatened and
    >attacked for speaking out. Trustees of the City University of New York are
    >planning formal denunciations of faculty members who criticized U.S. foreign
    >policy at a teach-in during the first week in October. There have been
    >similar efforts to silence criticism and dissent at the University of Texas
    >at Austin, MIT, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the
    >University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and elsewhere. AAUP director of
    >public policy Ruth Flower told the Boston Globe on October 6, "We're
    >watching these developments with a lot of concern."
    >Attacks on faculty who have questioned or dissented from the Bush
    >administration's current war policy have coincided with other ominous
    >developments. Colleges and universities are being pressured by agencies of
    >the federal government to hand over confidential information from student
    >files. And there are moves in Congress to limit visas for students from
    >We call on all members of the academic community to speak out strongly in
    >defense of academic freedom and civil liberties, not just as an abstract
    >principle but as a practical necessity. At a moment such as this we must
    >make sure that all informed voices-especially those that are critical and
    >dissenting-are heard.
    >Anatole Anton
    >Professor of Philosophy, San Francisco State University
    >Dana Cloud
    >Associate Professor of Communication, University of Texas at Austin
    >Donna Flayhan
    >Assistant Professor of Communication & Media Studies, Goucher College
    >Phil Gasper
    >Associate Professor of Philosophy, Notre Dame de Namur University
    >Richard Gibson
    >Associate Professor of Social Studies, San Diego State University
    >William Keach
    >Professor of English, Brown University
    >Tom Lewis
    >Professor of Spanish, University of Iowa
    >Edward Said
    >University Professor, Columbia University
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