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    Subject: Celebrating the Lives of Two Peace/Anti-Imperialist Activists

    Celebrating the Lives of Two Peace/Anti-Imperialist Activists --
    Dave Dellinger and Elizabeth Peterson Celebration - Oct. 20 -
    Burlington, Vermont

    Dave Dellinger and Elizabeth Peterson Celebration Host Committee,
    300 Maple Street, Burlington, VT 05401 (802) 862-4929


    "Roots of the Struggle" Assembles All-Star Activist Cast

    Burlington Performance to Honor Dave Dellinger and Elizabeth

    As the US gears up for war, dozens of activists and artists who
    have been on the front lines in struggles for justice and peace
    over the last 60 years will gather in Burlington on Oct. 20 for a
    one-time only event, "Roots of the Struggle: The Life and Times of
    a Nonviolent Warrior." The multi-media presentation, held at
    Memorial Auditorium Annex in conjunction with a gala dinner for
    non-violent activists Dave Dellinger and Elizabeth Peterson at the
    height of the Vermont International Film Festival, will include
    rare 60s film footage, music by Rik Palieri, dramatic scenes, and
    remarks by dozens of special guests.

    Those scheduled to appear include Howard Zinn, renowned historian
    and author of A People's History of the United States; John
    Froines, one of the Chicago Eight defendants, plus Chicago Eight
    attorneys Leonard Weinglass and John Tucker; Dennis Brutus, poet/
    hero of the South Africa anti-apartheid struggle and leading voice
    in the current worldwide campaign for debt relief; Abbie Hoffman's
    life partner Johanna Lawrenson; Ted Glick, coordinator of the
    Independent Political Action Network; members of Dave and
    Elizabeth's family; and old friends such as Ralph DiGia, Connie
    Hogarth, Bob Nichols, and Jules and Helen Rabin.

    Others scheduled to speak about Dave, Elizabeth, and movements for
    peace and justice from the 1930s to today include green author and
    activist Brian Tokar, filmmakers Jay Craven and Robin Lloyd, labor
    organizer Ellen David Friedman, Burlington Mayor Peter Clavelle,
    and religious activist Miriam Ward. The program, developed by Greg
    Guma, will include little-seen film footage from the late 60s
    assembled by Roz Payne, period music, glimpses of Dave and
    Elizabeth's remarkable life journey, messages from Ron Kovic and
    Leonard Peltier, and dramatized scenes for the Chicago Eight trial.
    Admission is $10, tickets at the door.

    This one-time-only presentation will follow a gala dinner honoring
    Dave and Elizabeth at 6 p.m. Tickets for the dinner are still
    available, but seating is limited. On the following morning,
    October 21, related discussions on prison justice, politics,
    history, and film will be held during the Vermont International
    Film Festival, at the CCV Auditorium, below Borders Books on Church
    Street. At 9 a.m., Vermont's new Alliance for Prison Justice will
    be unveiled after a short film,CRITICAL RESISTANCE. At 10 a.m.,
    Jay Craven will lead a discussion entitled Politics, History and
    the Media. Invited panelists include Zinn, Weinglass, Brutus,
    journalist/writer Gwenda Blair and others. Admission for Sunday is
    $10 sliding scale.

    The weekend festivities are also sponsored by Toward Freedom, whose
    board of directors Dave Dellinger has co-chaired for the past 15
    years. TF is currently celebrating 50 years of continuous
    publication. Beyond honoring Dave and Elizabeth, a major goal of
    the celebration is to create a retirement/project fund for them.

    To reserve a seat or make a contribution to the Dellinger Fund,
    make checks payable to Toward Freedom, and write "Dellinger
    Celebration Fund" in the memo line. Seating for the dinner and
    program costs $25 per ticket. Write to Dellinger Celebration, c/o
    Robin Lloyd, 300 Maple St., Burlington, VT 05401, or call (802)
    862-4929 for further information.

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