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From: william m mandel (
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 16:40:21 EDT

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    You probably know all these films, but here they are: "Operation
    Abolition," the House Committee on Un-American Activities' own version
    of the student demonstrations in San Francisco in 1960 that opened the
    Sixties among whites. "Operation Correction," the ACLU's stodgy, factual
    dissection of the lies in the former, achieved largely by time shifts.
    "House Committee on Un-American Activities," a docudrama by Robert
    Cohen, with HUAC's whole history from the late 1930s on, and into the
    Sixties. The best film on this theme. "Berkeley in the Sixties." "KPFA
    On the Air," which is a remarkable history of the U.S. from WW II
    through the end of the centuries, heavy on the Sixties.
                                                    William Mandel

    Bob Anderson wrote:
    > I am putting together a course for next semester on the 60s in Film. I have
    > some ideas, does anyone have any suggestions for favorite theme films, or
    > syllabi already for such a course?
    > thanks in advance,
    > Bob
    > Robert L Anderson
    > Albuquerque, NM
    > 505-858-0882

    Do you teach in the social sciences?  Consider my SAYING NO TO POWER
    (Creative Arts, Berkeley, 1999), for course use.  It was written as a
    social history of the U.S. for the past three-quarters of a century
    through the eyes of a participant observer in most progressive social
    movements (I'm 84), and of the USSR from the
    standpoint of a Sovietologist (five earlier books) knowing that country
    longer than any other in the profession.  Therefore it is also a history
    of the Cold War.  Positive reviews in The Black Scholar, American
    Studies in Scandinavia, San Francisco Chronicle, forthcoming in Tikkun,
    etc.  Chapters are up at

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