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    The International Black Panther Film Festival (IBPFF) Newsletter

    October 12, 2001
    Volume 1 Issue 5

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    Inside today's issue:

    # 9.11.01 IBPFF Statement
    # Black Panther Reunion Postponed
    # IBPFF Fund Drive Extends Through November
           @ SIDEBAR: Black Woman in Congress Casts Solitary No Vote

    9.11.01 IBPFF Statement:

     From the Executive Producer of the
    International Black Panther Film Festival, Kathleen Cleaver:

    The staggering destruction and death we saw visited on New York City
    and Washington, D.C. left us dazed, incredulous, terrified. We share
    the grief and fury of the thousands of families shattered by the loss
    of loved ones, co-workers, neighbors, and friends. We mourn those who
    have perished. We salute the generous people across the country who
    have worked work tirelessly to aid the recovery efforts here in New

    Bobby Seale, former Black Panther Party Chairman, remarked that
    "whoever bombed the Pentagon and the World Trade Center crossed the
    line and stooped to the level of a Hitler. This mass killing has
    nothing to do with fighting for liberation and freedom." The
    incredible carnage has caused in some a hostility to reasoned
    discussion of why this has happened and how best to respond. But
    these painful days-- more than ever -- call for reflection and
    reconsideration of what policies and actions led to such tragic

    In that spirit, below, we reprint an excerpt of from the statement
    the Vietnam Veterans Against the War* (http://www.vvaw.org) issued in
    response to the terrorist attacks. The IBPFF shares these sentiments:

    We speak out of duty to our country and the world, solidarity with
    those serving in the military and love of our families and friends
    when we take this stand:

    *We condemn the criminal attacks of September 11 and demand that
    those responsible be held accountable and brought to justice.
    * We mourn for the victims and offer our heartfelt sorrow and
    sympathy for the families and friends of those we lost.
    * We condemn bigotry and violence against Arabs, Muslims and
    immigrants which threaten these communities because of their race,
    nationality, and religion.
    * We oppose efforts to curtail our basic civil liberties and
    democratic rights and must defend the Constitution from those who are
    undermining it.
    * We do not believe that militarism and war will provide justice or
    security and oppose major U.S. military intervention in Afghanistan
    or other countries.

    On a more fundamental level, our country has to address the reasons
    behind the violence that has now come to our shores. The seeds of
    this anger were sown over many years. . .

    As long as U.S. foreign policy continues to be based on corporate
    exploitation and military domination, we will continue to make
    enemies in the poor countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. We
    can achieve enduring security and lasting peace only through domestic
    and foreign policies based on social and economic justice. That will
    come about only when the American people demand it.

    * National Office of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Inc.
    P.O. Box 48859 Chicago, IL 60640 (773) 327-5756 vwaw@prairenet.org

    Black Panther Reunion Postponed

    Originally scheduled for this weekend, the 35th Anniversary Reunion
    and Conference of the Black Panther Party planned for Washington, DC,
    has been postponed until April 2002. The It's About Time committee,
    organizers of this reunion and other events, issued a statement last
    month explaining the decision was made out of respect for those
    supporters and comrades affected by the recent terrorist attacks on
    the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. In addition, many of those
    who planned to participate expressed reluctance to travel by air at
    this time.

    All registrations received to date will be honored at the rescheduled
    April event. The program to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the
    founding of the Black Panther Party is open to the public as well as
    former Black Panthers and will feature workshops, exhibits, film
    screenings, and social activities. For more information on the Black
    Panther Reunion and Conference, please visit the It's About Time
    website, http://www.itsabouttimebpp.com, send email to
    itsabouttime3@juno.com or call 916.455.0908.

    IBPFF Fund Drive Extended Until November
    Donators Eligible for Souvenir Program/T-Shirt/Poster

    The International Black Panther Film Festival (IBPFF), a not for
    profit corporation, is extending its fund-raising campaign through
    Friday, November 30, 2001.

    Donations have come from across the U.S. and one query from Japan
    since the start of our campaign. In light of the postponement of the
    Black Panther Reunion, t-shirts once reserved for that conference are
    now available for this fund-raising campaign. Donations should be
    made by check or money order payable to the International Black
    Panther Film Festival and mailed to the festival office. Specific
    details are below.

    All donators of at least $10 or more during this campaign will
    receive a souvenir IBPFF 2001 program and a 2001 festival poster
    (while supplies last). Donators of at least $25 or more will receive
    program and the collector's item IBPFF t-shirt (while supplies last)
    from the May 2001 festival (These are 100% cotton shirts, black with
    a white design. While you may suggest a shirt size, we will not be
    able to guarantee you'll receive the size that you desire. You will
    notified of t-shirt size availability by telephone and/or email.)

    The design on our t-shirt and poster is similar to the IBPFF postcard
    design that can be found at:

    Donations must be postmarked by Friday, November 30, 2001. Void where
    prohibited by law. All donations must be in US dollars. Program,
    Posters and T-shirts are only available while supplies last and are
    not guaranteed for all donators. All proceeds raised during this
    campaign will be used to support the IBPFF. NOTE: International
    Black Panther Film Festival directors, organizers, advisors, and
    volunteers may donate to this campaign but are not eligible for
    t-shirt, program, or poster giveaways.

    For this campaign:

    1. Write a check or money order made payable to The International
    Black Panther Film Festival. Do not send cash.
    2. Print or type your full name, telephone number, mailing address,
    and email address, on your check or money order or on a separate
    piece of paper. (Donators receiving t-shirts will be notified by
    or telephone call. Allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery. If you wish to
    donate, but exclude yourself from the t-shirt or poster giveaway,
    write "NO SHIRT/POSTER" on your check or money order.)
    3. Mail donations postmarked on or before November 9, 2001, to:
    IBPFF, 580 Broadway, Suite 501, New York, NY 10012 .

    [For questions about this fund-raising campaign, you can email the
    festival office at bpfilmfest@hotmail.com]


    SIDEBAR: Black Woman in Congress Casts Solitary No Vote

    Passed unanimously in the Senate (98-0), the vote in the House of
    Representatives for the September 14 resolution authorizing military
    action in response to the bombing of the Pentagon and the World Trade
    Center was 420-1. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) cast the one dissenting
    vote. Her decision angered so many people that she now requires police
    protection. Interviewed by Davey D, of daveyd.com and rapstation.com,
    Congresswoman Lee explained why she believed the nation should not go
    to war:

    "First, our nation is in grieving, we're all mourning, we're angry;
    there are a range of emotions taking place. Myself personally, I am
    also grieving and I believe fully and firmly that the Congress of the
    United States is the only legislative body that can say, "Let's pause
    for a moment...and let's look at using some restraint before we rush
    to action." Because military action can lead to an escalation and
    spiral out of control. So, why I voted no, was one, the president
    already has the authority to execute a military action. He doesn't
    need Congress; under the War Powers Act he has that authority. But
    Congress is the people's house, and the Congress is responsible for
    providing checks and balances, and you cannot just allow the
    administration to run ahead with a strategy without reporting back
    and without having some oversight.

    Now we must bring the perpetrators to justice. International
    terrorism is upon us -- this is a new world and we cannot make any
    mistakes in dealing with it. We do not want to see our reaction lead
    to another reaction which could allow this to spiral out of control.
    So while we grieve and while we provide assistance -- and I did vote
    to provide assistance for the families and communities that have been
    devastated and also providing funding for anti-terrorist activities
    for securing our own country -- we've got to conduct a full
    investigation and be really deliberate about how we move forward
    militarily. We cannot make any mistake about this, this is an
    unconventional war and we have to fight it in an unconventional way.

    We don't know the real nature of terrorism in the true sense of the
    word. We have not invested in combating terrorism the way we should
    have, which involves many issues. It involves our foreign policy, it
    involves multinational cooperation, it involves diplomatic efforts.
    It involves pulling all of these very multifaceted areas together to
    come up with a real way to deal with terrorism. I don't believe we
    have faced the fact that terrorism is the new war that this country is
    going to have to fight. We're looking at putting up billions of
    dollars for national missile defense. Well, anti-ballistic missiles
    -- that would not have saved the lives or prevented the horrible
    morning that we saw last Tuesday, it just wouldn't have done it. So,
    we're looking at putting military money into the wrong areas. We need
    to look at what this means in terms of securing our country, securing
    our world, and how to use our tax dollars toward that purpose. I am
    convinced that military action alone will not prevent further
    terrorist attacks."

    For the full interview, visit:

    Stay tuned for more news to come!

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    Group Editor: Deidra McIntyre

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