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Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 15:32:56 EDT

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    I sent this information to a columnist for the University of Oklahoma student newspaper, but not surprisingly he ignored it.
    Bacteriological warfare research is of interest today, since we are being greeted with fears that terrorists might be using this kind of weapon against us. The questions must be asked: where did our enemies get these ideas? How much did they learn from research conducted by and for the US military establishment?
    Seymour Hersh, who won the Pulitzer Prize for the My Lai massacre expose during the Vietnam War, had a chapter about an OU germ warfare project in his book about this subject. Hersh has an international reputation as a credible author. The faculty member in charge of the project was a zoology professor named Cluff Hopla. In addition to Hersh, a US Congressman named Richard McCarthy also wrote about the OU project and described it as bacteriological warfare research.
    Here are the references:
    Seymour Hersh, Chemical and Biological Warfare:
    America's Hidden Arsenal (Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill,
    Richard McCarthy, The Ultimate Folly: War by
    Pestilence, Asphyxiation, and Defoliation (New York:
    Knopf, 1969)
    OU President David Boren, formerly a U.S. Senator, developed a close relationship with the CIA and with right-wing foreign policy groups. As a former member of the Senate Intelligence Committee (and later its Chairman), he bears some responsibility for the CIA's support of Bin Laden and other Islamic extremists during its covert war against Soviet troops in Afghanistan during the 1980s. I address this history in my online article here:
    Boren also has recently served right-wing, anti-labor interests by campaigning openly for a union-busting "right-to-work" law in Oklahoma. Unfortunately, with Boren's help it was recently enacted by a referendum.
       -- Michael Wright
          Norman, Oklahoma

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