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    << Sixties scholars might have a few quarrels with Pardun's failure to recognize the pervasive sexism and homophobia in SDS; indeed, in an impressive feat of acrobatics, Pardun suggests that SDS should be credited
    with providing a platform for the emergence of early feminism, when in fact the women's liberation movement practically got its start because so many men in SDS treated women terribly. >>

    I remember in 1969 I read an article about a women's group called WITCH, the Women's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell. I recall that they had poured blood on some draft board files, in New York, if memory serves. I thought WITCH was a clever acronym.

    One day my SDS comrade Caryl Love came to talk to me in an office where I worked as a research assistant to a political science professor. She was interested in women's liberation, so I gave her a copy of the WITCH article with the suggestion that she think about starting a chapter of that group.

    A few days later I received a phone call from another campus feminist named Taree. She was full of scornful accusations, and expressed her displeasure about my having attempted to undermine the autonomy of women by daring to suggest what their organizational affiliation should be.

    To this day I hang my head in shame for this effort to express my male chauvinist will in such an oppressive manner while attempting to manipulate Caryl to subordinate herself to my unconscionable patriarchical designs.

    I call upon all former SDS men to come forward now and follow my example by confessing all the terrible things you did to female SDS members.

     -- Michael Wright
        Norman, Oklahoma

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