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    Subject: Tribute to Dr.John C.Lilly

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    Subject: Tribute to Dr.John C.Lilly

    On Sunday, October 30, 2001 at 7:59 pm in Los Angeles, California, Dr. John
    C. Lilly passed from this life. We offer this small tribute to a man we loved.

    Back in the materialistic 1950's, way before the New Age movement, it was
    Dr. John Lilly who was scientifically exploring the human brain,
    inter-species communication and altered states of awareness. Since then he
    has been a major leader in these explorations. Two movies have been made
    based on his life: Day of the Dolphin and Altered States. In the early days
    other scientists claimed Dr. Lilly was strange and unscientific. In the
    later days Dr. Lilly was proven right and the others proven wrong.
    What a life he had! During World War II Dr. Lilly was riding B29 bombers to
    study how various altitudes were affecting the body. In the '70's and '80's
    he was flying in heightened states of awareness to see how spirit and the
    mind affect the body. Many thousands of people have been inspired to higher
    states of awareness by John Lilly!! Ourselves included.
    About 10 years ago when John moved to Maui we started to collaborate with
    him on our "Dolphin and Whale Adventures in Consciousness". So many good
    trips sailing around the Hawaiian Islands and learning from a great mind
    linked to the great mind in the waters. Each journey was an adventure and
    through the years our friendship became a mentorship. In 1993 he stood in
    for my father and gave me in marriage to Raphael. John and Raphael were a
    dynamic duo. I always enjoyed the similarity of these two men, both so
    close to my heart. During these Hawaiian days John became a proficient Rap
    artist with Raphael. John's hit song was called 'I Know Nothing.' Our music
    is inspired by the whales, dolphins and John's insights. Our album "The
    Calling" is an unforgettable contribution to the Cetacean Nation and
    includes a rap 'The Journey' by John. John called Raphael's album "Angels
    of the Deep" the Cetacean National Anthem. There are so many precious
    moments we shared with him and we will be forever thankful for his courage
    to explore new realms of consciousness and his ability to share his wisdom
    and humor in a way that left us all better human beings..
    John, wherever you are, our thoughts, prayers and love will be remaining
    with you. Wherever we are your courage, thoughts and love will be with us.

    With deepest gratitude,
    Kutira and Raphael, on the island of Maui

    John C. Lilly (10) was a medical scientist, research neuro-physiologist,
    psychoanalyst, and received a B.Sc., and M.D. He was the author,
    co-author, and subject of several books: Man and Dolphin, 1961; The Dolphin
    in History (with Ashley Montagu), 1963; The Mind of the Dolphin, 1967;
    Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer: Theory and
    Experiments, 1972, 1987; The Center of the Cyclone, 1972, 1987; The Dyadic
    Cyclone (with Toni Lilly), 1976; Lilly on Dolphins, Humans of the Sea,
    1975, a revised edition of two previously published books, Man and Dolphin,
    The Mind of the Dolphin, and The Dolphin in History, a lecture;
    'Simulations of God: The Science of Belief,' 1974; The Deep Self: Isolation
    Tank Relaxation, 1976; The Scientist, a Novel, autobiography, 1978, 2nd.
    ed. 1988; Communication Between Man and Dolphin: The Possibility of of
    Talking with Other Species, 1978, 1988; In the Province of the Mind (with
    Francis Jeffrey; John Lilly So Far, by Francis Jeffrey (with John C. Lilly,
    M.D., Ph.D.) (1990); and Tanks for the Memories, Flotation Tank Talks, by
    Dr. John C. Lilly and E.J. Gold, 1995.



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