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    Subject: Beatles' guru to create yogic flier defence shie

    Beatles' guru to create yogic flier defence shield

    Tue, 2 Oct 2001

    The Beatles' guru is hoping to use transcendental meditation for world peace.

    The Indian mystic says all he needs are some "American billionaires" to
    build his antidote to global terrorism.

    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is summoning 40,000 yogis in India, trained in
    meditation and yogic flying to create a spiritual force field.

    He taught The Beatles and Mick Jagger about transcendental meditation 30
    years ago.

    In his first public statement for seven years, he said the "peace-loving
    billionaires" would donate $1 billion to build housing for the group and
    pay their expenses while they meditate for harmony and world peace.

    He said: "Today, I'm challenging America. If I had the support of money, I
    have all that is needed to ... completely stop all this violence."

    The Yogi believes that if enough people gather to meditate and 'fly' -
    hopping in a seated, lotus position - they will create a force field that
    can repel hatred and spread happiness in the world's collective consciousness.

    Such concepts originated in the ancient Vedic religion, which was practised
    in India until about 1500 BC before giving way to Hinduism.

    A Pentagon spokesman, Army Major Tim Blair, told The Record in New Jersey
    that the Maharishi's campaign was "a noble effort".

    See this story on the web at http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_413583.html

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